Bobby Balachandran, president and CEO
The high perceived cost of treatments in the aesthetics industry has been one of the stumbling blocks for patients for years. While these treatments can uplift the spirit and well-being of those undergoing the various procedures, the out-of-pocket bills often lead patients to bring their treatments to a premature end. However, there have been misconceptions about the affordability of these treatments. Aubrey Rankin, co-founder and CEO at HintMD—a company that brings a seamless and smart payment solution for medical aesthetic practices—considers it a factor that most patients are misinformed about. “When it comes to aesthetics treatments, patients often have misconceptions about the cost and also which treatments are right for them,” he says.
To solve this problem that holds back the future growth opportunity of the aesthetics industry, HintMD, a payment solution provider, has created and developed a solution that allows for easy conversion of payments into dynamic subscription plans, making the treatments more affordable and have it seamlessly fit in their lifestyle.
“We are focused on the medical aesthetics domain and want to be one of the key solutions that are going to address patient treatment plan compliance by making aesthetic subscriptions available to all patients,” comments Rankin. The company uses its platform to provide physicians easy access to turn personalized patient treatment plans into an easy monthly subscription, allowing patients to commit to their physician recommended plans while providing a schedule for the best course of action to ensure optimal results.

“We are focused on the medical aesthetics domain and want to be one of the key solutions that are going to address patient treatment plan compliance by making aesthetic subscriptions available to all patients”

Aesthetics product manufacturers can also reap the benefits of HintMD’s payments platform by enlisting their companies to be part of its white-label practice loyalty rewards program. As practices typically employ outdated credit card payment terminals, HintMD’s solution provides value-added services that allow aesthetics practices to deliver better patient treatment experiences and drive loyalty to their practice.
To enroll an individual to a subscription plan, practitioners only need to make minimal entries into HintMD’s payments platform based on which products and services they recommend. HintMD takes over by converting these prescribed treatment plans into a single personalized subscription according to their treatment regiments. The platform enables patients to combine their various aesthetics treatment plans into a single monthly payment and also receive alerts on subsequent medical visits and consultations. Since an aesthetic procedure may require more than one visit and multiple different treatments to ensure results, HintMD enables patients to change or alter their plans based on these requirements. “This level of personalization was required to make aesthetic subscriptions a reality for all patients,” explains Rankin.

On another exciting development, HintMD’s collaboration with Allergan to incorporate its patients’ loyalty program, Brilliant Distinctions®, into their payment platform allows for added rewards associated with treatments and encourages patients to complete their prescribed treatments. This partnership has allowed HintMD to deploy a fully integrated payment solution for all the stakeholders in the aesthetics domain.

Having prepared for a commercial launch of its payment platform after extensive testing at medical practices, HintMD expects 2020 to be eventful and exciting and is looking forward to making significant strides to deliver a win-win-win for patients, providers and industry partners.


Beaverton, OR

Bobby Balachandran, president and CEO

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