Exterro Inc.: Delivering eDiscovery for Legal Governance

Bobby Balachandran, President and CEO
In contemporary times accessibility to information over networks has evolved exponentially; legal information, be it litigation or court disputes has spanned its roots deep into every industry imaginable. In the wake of this legal informational flow, Beaverton based Exterro develops eDiscovery software for corporate legal and IT teams. The Exterro eDiscovery Suite constitutes programs for data mapping, legal hold, early case assessment (ECA), data collection, processing, document review and other electronic discovery processes, as well as for legal governance, risk management, and compliance.

This electronically stored information (ESI) software, eDiscovery can run into various hassles which include high costs, complexities of managing numerous stakeholders, and the risk of disclosing privileged information. To overcome these ramifications, Exterro’s intelligently integrated software applications, built upon Fusion platform, can help customers solve those problems by unifying all eDiscovery solutions on one platform and manage eDiscovery smarter from identification to preservation to collection, analysis, review and production. “Our innovation aims to serve enterprises in a way that they can find eDiscovery solutions at lower costs, reduced risk and a repeatable, predictable and defensible process,” explains Bobby Balachandran, CEO, Exterro.

Apart from reducing costs and risks in application of eDiscovery for enterprises, Exterro also has expertise on structuring legal data within companies. Introduction of Exterro eDiscovery Data Mapping provided a structured inventory of an enterprise’s electronically stored information (ESI). It allows enterprises to identify, analyze and manage the risks associated with ESI, including litigation preparation and compliance measures.

The risk of losing and disclosing privileged information in legal firms is running high and can lead to disastrous repercussions and management of that data and secure it for the proper access to the clients is necessary. Introduction of Exterro eDiscovery Data Management helped companies to address all data management phases of eDiscovery projects, including early case assessment, data collection, processing, analysis, review and production.

Our technology helps customers to find eDiscovery solutions at lower costs, reduced risk, and a repeatable, predictable, and defensible process

“Our data management technology allows users to automatically process, deNIST, deduplicate and cull data during the collection process, resulting in much smaller collection volumes compared with many other eDiscovery data management products,” explains Balachandran.

Clients all over the world have approached Exterro with an expectation to find solutions to their problems over legal data storage and have quite lauded their decision. Similarly, Vestas, a leading global energy company opted for Exterro to automate their legal hold process. At first Vestas did not have to deal with the stringent eDiscovery requirements imposed on US corporations, but they could foretell that the legal landscape was changing and wanted to protect against potential eDiscovery issues down the road. With the occurrence of the deal, Vestas legal team gained the ability to insert information automatically into the hold notice, such as the matter name and date ranges, which cut down on errors. There has been a drastic change in Vestas, as legal teams have much improved legal hold acknowledgement rates and better engagement among Vestas employees.

With expanding eDiscovery among the enterprises, Exterro aims to fulfill client satisfaction by applying the concepts of process optimization and data science to the way companies respond to litigation that would drive more successful outcomes at a lower cost. “We remain committed to the vision to deliver eDiscovery and Information Governance software solutions that help you manage your information assets more efficiently,” concludes Balachandaran.

Exterro Inc

Beaverton, OR

Bobby Balachandran, President and CEO

Provider of e-discovery and information governance software specifically designed for in-house legal and IT teams