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Ed Meyercord, President & CEO
M&T Bank Stadium—home ground to the Baltimore Ravens—without a doubt is a venue where National Football League (NFL) exhilaration can be experienced on any given game day. More so because of Baltimore Ravens’ impressive home game record. And while the Ravens’ on-field triumphs bring constant delight to fans, the team’s management also wanted to ensure that their spectators enjoyed the best in-stadium game experience. Taking a step toward their aspiration, they invested in a strong network of high-density Wi-Fi that would help the fans easily connect with social media, and get access to game statistics, live streaming of game videos, and more. At the same time, to keep the users tethered to the new network, the Ravens also deployed a patented Wi- Fi coach program, providing real-time assistance and in-person troubleshooting. At the core of all this is Extreme Networks [NASDAQ:EXTR], powering M&T Bank Stadium and many other NFL stadiums with robust wireless networking solutions. Deploying the industry’s first flow-based 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless solution, Extreme Networks helped M&T Bank Stadium offer unparalleled, high-performance Wi-Fi access to in-stadium audience—redefining their game day experience.

While not just stadiums, today, every large or mid-sized organization is in a dire need to leverage strong wireless networks that establish and maintain reliable connections with customers, business partners, and employees. Whether implementing new IT initiatives or reviving bottom-line results, the integral factor connected to any business growth is a well-built wireless network. Architecting the path of seamless connectivity is where Extreme Networks imprints their significance in the networking landscape. Focused on providing end-to-end enterprise networking solutions, Extreme Networks is uniquely equipped to help organizations boost business outcomes, lower operation costs, and, above all, provide unrestrained connectivity.

Connecting Beyond Hardware

Backtracking to 20 years ago, Extreme Networks ushered a revolution with their iconic high-performance network access and switching products. Continuing the legacy, today, the company is redefining networks with software-driven networking solutions and an unshakable commitment to helping customers ace their business connectivity. The company’s products focus on access points, campus core, and the data center—all supported by their underlying management software, providing visibility and insights. Elucidating the significance of this, Ed Meyercord, president and CEO of Extreme Networks, says, “Our evolution beyond hardware helps us in delivering a network infrastructure that is fast, resilient, and can tune itself to the demands of users, applications, and security threats.”

Coupled with that, Meyercord explains that the unprecedented growth of the IoT devices and the ongoing acceleration toward BYOD will continue to drive an insatiable need for bandwidth. Extreme Networks’ pioneering flow-based 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless solution is designed to effectively handle this ever increasing demand for more bandwidth. Using Extreme’s unique flow-based technology, the high-performance network access points deliver location-based application analytics while also providing the upgraded speed, additional capacity, and enhanced security available through 802.11ac Wave 2 technology.

Another critical facet of the company’s suite of wireless offerings includes ExtremeWireless WiNG solutions. ExtremeWireless WiNG access point technology ensures enterprise-level security and high performance for any LAN environment to deliver an exceptional experience to users.
The company’s WiNG Controllers, on the other hand, help reduce overheads and simplify IT efforts by unifying wireless and the wired network management through a range of scalable architectures. These, combined with ExtremeWireless WiNG Software provide comprehensive network visibility, insights, and management. This is perhaps one of the crucial reasons that tie some of the world’s most recognized names in business, hospitality, government, education, manufacturing, and healthcare closer to the company, calling themselves: “Extreme customers for lives.”

The Trail of Success

Extreme Networks’ wireless networking solution has proved itself immensely valuable to many of its education sector clients. The San Diego Community College (SDCC) needed to provide a reliable network infrastructure to support their BYOD program and real-time video streaming for over 100,000 students across three college campuses and seven continuing education campuses. It was important for the students, faculty, and staff to easily and securely access the resources needed to fulfill their education requirements.

Extreme Networks is uniquely equipped to help organizations boost business outcomes, lower operation costs, and, above all, provide unrestrained connectivity

The network was required to securely support a variety of applications such as VoIP telephony, PeopleSoft ERP, and hundreds of departmental software programs. Additionally, the wireless infrastructure needed to be capable of supporting education-specific applications and devices. When it came to selecting a networking vendor for the upgrade—reliability was a key requirement for SDCC. The community college, therefore, chose Extreme for their ability to meet all of the requirements with a high-power, reliable, and cost-effective solution that allows their small IT staff to manage a massive network. With a complete wired and wireless solution in place, including over 600 Wi-Fi access points to provide reliable indoor and outdoor coverage at most of the campuses, students now have full access to the resources they need to meet their educational requirements.

The Extreme Partner Network (EPN)

As a channel-focused organization, Extreme Networks is dedicated to ensuring trusted, profitable partner relationships. Driven by the commitment to deliver exceptional customer experiences, Extreme Networks has a strong partner network, EPN. The award-winning EPN partner program engages and rewards solution providers at all levels for capabilities, performance, and delivering an exceptional customer experience. Meyercord believes that this global channel partner program can effectively strike as a core element of a company’s growth and innovation strategy.

This, combined with Extreme Networks’ breakthrough wireless technology is helping customers reach new heights in business collaboration. In the future, Extreme Networks expects to innovate more ground-breaking technologies to further expand its current portfolio of wireless solutions. “As our on-going pursuit, we shall continue to transcend our innovations and bring more enhancements to our wireless technology in the coming years,” concludes Meyercord.

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Ed Meyercord, President & CEO

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