Eyecube Solutions: Driving Business Outcomes through Insights

Ajay Savant, CEO
Executives are challenged in their attempts to drive innovation by the dearth of actionable information that helps align their KPIs to the dynamics of a rapidly-shifting industry. Founded by IT industry veterans, Eyecube Solutions is an IT products and services company. They provide personalized options and recommendations to clients by thoroughly understanding their business challenges. By empowering clients to choose cost-effective and easily manageable solutions, Eyecube Solutions helps businesses across the energy, utilities, and manufacturing sectors gain faster ROI on their technology investments. The company helps assimilate information from various sources and creates decision enabling dashboards for the “C” level executives.

Eyecube Solutions has also built a robust Content and Collaboration framework that helps businesses make intelligent decisions by selecting only those services that are required for their efficient functioning. Enabled with cloud-based content storage, customizable reporting and dashboards and plug-ins for integration with third party solutions, the framework is a game changer for making technology enabled business decisions. Driven by the promise of open source technology’s collaborative and distributed features, Eyecube is bullish about building industry-specific innovative applications.

“We help our clients do their business efficiently and effectively by leveraging our industry experience, technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services, and focused business models,” says Raju. The company leverages these capabilities to provide innovative and impactful IT consultancy and services to clients in energy, utilities and manufacturing verticals across the globe, through strategic partnerships that match their insatiable quest for innovation.

Besides its own technology and delivery capabilities, Eyecube Solutions has an ecosystem of execution partners in the delivery and product development realm to enhance its services portfolio. “We utilize our technology and delivery partner ecosystem to create customized solutions and frameworks that deliver measurable business outcome for our clients,” says Raju. For instance, Eyecube Solutions partners with Microsoft to deliver SharePoint services.
Raju P. S., President
Eyecube Solutions is also looking forward to streamlining the workflow processes of companies in the engineering and construction industry by leveraging SharePoint Online hosted in the Office 365 environment. These efforts are aimed at enhancing collaboration and enable impactful decision making. “The insights we provide spur decision makers to implement transformational changes in processes, controls, and execution methodologies that deliver the quantifiable financial impact to their business,” he adds.

We are well equipped to deliver measurable financial impact, by integrating information from the shop floor to the top floor

Eyecube Solutions integrates Microsoft SharePoint with information-intensive systems such as SCADA, SAP HANA, and WebDAM to glean insights for its customers. Eyecube solutions also has expertise in ETRMS, SCADA integration and smartgrid driven by a repertoire of agile development methodology. “We are well equipped to deliver measurable financial impact, by integrating information from the shop floor for the top floor,” says Ajay. “We also help in contextualizing data diversity with mass data storage capabilities by using open source based Big Data solutions built on Hadoop.”

Eyecube’s DNA is composed of information, insight, and impact that it brings to its broadening client base for integrating disparate information sources and delivering greater business insights. The company has formed joint venture–Eyecube Infognana Solutions, through which it leads a strong team to build cutting edge IT services in the business, technology and BPO industry.

Eyecube Solutions

Houston, TX

Ajay Savant, CEO and Raju P. S., President

An IT products and services company with the goal of delivering measurable financial impact by integrating information

Eyecube Solutions