EyeKnow AI: Protecting the Helpless and the Carers from Violence with Real-Time AI Monitoring

Tomer Sagi, CEO & Founder
Round-the-clock care for a loved one is no easy task, which leads many to rely on caring services at home or in facilities, e.g. daycare for children, at-home care for seniors, and autism care facilities. Care takers assume these responsibilities for hours on end, but inevitable observational gaps, human error, and maliciousness leave a margin for acts of aggression and abuse. Unaddressed, these can grow in severity and frequency.

As a parent himself, Tomer Sagi, founder and CEO of EyeKnow AI, recognized the need to protect the helpless and actively works to combat this issue through his instant aggression detection and prevention platform.

“Aggression in a caring situation could be between care receivers, a caregiver to a care receiver or vice versa—it’s quite varied,” says Sagi.

Interestingly, in health settings, such as hospitals and psychiatric centers, violence is directed from patients towards health workers, and causes significant hardship at the workplace and eventually burnout.

EyeKnow AI monitors subtle behaviors between people or surrounding a person in homes and indoor care facilities. Connecting to CCTV systems and running algorithms in real-time, it identifies and alerts to all levels of aggression, constantly improving using state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning techniques. EyeKnow AI reduces and de-escalates the number of violent incidents and as a result, increases safety of children, seniors, and other vulnerable population including healthcare workers.

When EyeKnow AI detects an aggressive action, the moment is captured via video and sent via a mobile app or dashboard to the relevant stakeholder, like a chief clinical officer, a security guard, or a parental guardian. The hostile acts EyeKnow AI captures can trigger grounds for remedial measures, allowing care facility owners to deter the situation before it escalates.

The platform’s data-driven nature also gives care facility owners better statistics and insight into the gaps in their operations, including aggressive behavior insights such as trends. Owners can tackle these gaps through targeted actions, like administering additional training and teaching stress management techniques.

The swift capture system uses exclusively licensed algorithms, created as part of research conducted by a reputed violence detection expert professor from the Seville University in Spain.
These algorithms are considered state-of-the-art as they provide significant improvement in accuracy when compared with other market leading methods.

Clients begin with a two-to-three-month pilot program where the EyeKnow AI cloud systems are connected to the client’s DVR systems through the internet. During this process, the algorithms are customized to work in the specific customer environment. Following the pilot period, EyeKnow AI deploys an on-premise solution, including a computer workstation at the location.

Everyone wants to know if there’s their environment is safe from aggression and violence. Our platform lets you identify and receive immediate alerts on them

“It’s critical to have a privacy-protected, secure, and low latency solution, and using an on-premise architecture, we achieve these goals,” says Sagi.

EyeKnow AI’s vulnerable interaction monitoring and aggressive behavior detection for indoor spaces detect the subtlest of actions, ensuring complete safety and security without 24/7 manual tracking. During early pilots of the solution, a daycare owner received immediate alerts of their caregiver forcefully pulling a child’s arm due to EyeKnow AI, and a nursing home in Israel reaped similar benefits when their chief nurse received warnings of a caregiver acting aggressively toward a senior at their facility. A committee reviewed the incident and took disciplinary action.

EyeKnow AI continues to push the boundaries of its capabilities to bring clients improved tech, evidenced by the new proprietary set of algorithms, which would provide more accurate predictions, and for a wider range of types of incidents, all the while not relying on large data samples as supervised AI models do. EyeKnow AI’s expertise has also pulled it into the U.S. market, and it is in talks with one of the top 10 health organizations to integrate its robust surveillance tech.

Carrying immense dedication toward ensuring the safety of workers and patients and possessing an ever-growing portfolio, EyeKnow AI is a brilliant opportunity for investors and an invaluable asset for business owners worldwide looking to tighten security for their indoor facilities.

EyeKnow AI

Haifa, IL

Tomer Sagi, CEO & Founder

EyeKnow AI protects the vulnerable and carers from violence in any caring setting, such as daycare centers, nursing homes, autism care facilities, at home, and at hospitals. EyeKnow AI’s platform is a deep learning and computer-vision based solution that connects to standard security cameras and detects aggressive behavior in real time. Once an event is detected, a short video clip is sent to the relevant stakeholder for further handling

EyeKnow AI