Eyewitness Surveillance: A Frontrunner of Remote Security Camera Solutions

Rush McCloy, CEO
Today, the use of video surveillance in business is growing. This is creating new challenges in the market, related to managing surveillance systems as there is no “one size fits all” product that would be suitable in all instances. “Organizations are realizing that every industry and location has different and specific needs, which might be related to the infrastructure, the geographical situations or topography, power issues and other such problems,” begins Rush McCloy, CEO of Eyewitness Surveillance. Well-positioned to address the need, Eyewitness Surveillance has invested in multiple camera technologies, platforms and analytics in order to optimize a tailored solution that fits each customers’ needs. “As we develop ourselves to hold expertise in each vertical, we become better and more adapted to training the surveillance officers for watching the sites at night and maximize our platform approach to securing their assets,” says McCloy.

Headquartered in Hanover, MD, Eyewitness has established itself as a leader in remote interactive monitoring providing cutting-edge security and operational solutions for mid-size and large car dealerships as well as a variety of other industrial facilities. The company has a state-of-the-art central station and their services help clients to prevent theft, inventory damage and false claims while also reducing the need for onsite guard services. Moreover, Eyewitness manages the complete process from installation and maintenance of video cameras to monitoring services and handles the integration between various surveillance camera and central station management system that results in a cost effective deployment. “When it comes to camera quality, we have found cameras that work best for us and our ability to work with various organizations helps us drive outcomes and control the product roadmap,” adds McCloy. The company has built their capabilities to spec their own operational tools, which might require high forensic details in certain situations or very small cameras in another circumstance.

In addition, the key to Eyewitness’s solution are the analytics that their system uses, which provide security and business intelligence to customers. “We either use our own analytics or license others depending on the needs of the situation,” notes McCloy. The company extensively uses algorithms in order to secure sites while informing their clients about their operations, such as foot traffic patterns to help optimize product placement.

We are building more than a video surveillance company as our services not only protect properties, but also drive value through operational enhancements

The company puts cameras outside of commercial properties and installs a central computer server to manage each camera. “We monitor events in our central station. Our surveillance officers process the incoming data and video and respond accordingly,” points out McCloy.

The company’s surveillance professionals can alert people remotely that they are being seen via remote surveillance using integrated audio. Individuals behaving in ways that are outside of the customer etablished protocols can be given a warning which usually is enough to end an incident before it happens. If that does not happen, Eyewitness alerts authorities while continuing to verbally engage the suspect. Furthermore, the company has developed a Service Lane System for automotive dealers that allow service advisors to document the complete exterior of any vehicle entering and exiting the service lane. “If there is a claim of vehicle damage, organizations can find out whether the damage existed prior to dropping off the vehicle and thereby allow dealerships to counter the claim easily,” says McCloy. “We have world-class digital cameras, software analytics and premier intrusion technology that collectively help us secure properties and also track and counter incidents, claims and other key concerns within our customers’ operations.”

Being a customer-oriented company, Eyewitness develops around customers’ needs and challenges. The company has plans for geographic expansion in the U.S, while building more solutions to its existing customers. “We are building more than a video surveillance company as our services not only protect properties, but also drive value through operational enhancements,” concludes McCloy.

Eyewitness Surveillance

Hanover, MD

Rush McCloy, CEO

A provider and installer of video monitoring solutions for auto dealerships and metal recyclers and other fixed industrial facilities

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