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Michael Petter, Founder & Director
Till recently, business procurement was regarded as a backroom function. However, it is being prioritized more now in the enterprise space. In the dynamically digital world of today, visibility, audit, and vendor compliance are driving the evolution in the procurement function. When value generation is today’s supply chain’s new agenda, businesses can’t make the most out of this notion because of legacy and fragmented methodologies associated with procurement. Identifying this shortcoming, California based purchasing software provider, Eyvo, offers eBuyerAssist a cloud-based eProcurement tool—to add innovation and value to the procurement process. With an emphasis to position itself both differently and ahead of the competition, Eyvo adopts a customer-centric approach and tailors its offerings accordingly. The company listens to its customers and addresses their requirements by building and deploying a workable business solution that can be readily integrated into their ecosystem.

“Being a responsible player in the supply chain space, we are committed to solving the issues faced by our clients especially in terms of visibility, transparency, and efficiency,” says Michael Petter, a founder of Eyvo. “Our cloud-based solution and mobile application allow enterprises to eliminate the usage of multiple software including spreadsheets, streamlines everything under a platform, and provides real-time access to data and analytics which ultimately offers improved visibility,” he adds. Eyvo releases comparative reports to help procurement professionals identify the value of their supply chain. The company’s platform is designed to easily integrate with any other third-party tools considering the necessity for smooth and streamlined operations.

Additionally, Eyvo helps in successfully de-stressing CIOs and enabling them to make the IT systems of their enterprises secure, and easy to use and interact with. The company has made its platform GDPR complaint and encrypts all data storage to military standards for enhanced security. “We are members of various standard bodies including the US Department of Commerce Privacy Shield program,” says Petter.

Initially designed for purchasing professionals, Eyvo continually develops its suite to align well with the dynamic needs of organizations of all size and offers them flexibility to opt from its wide array of features and modules including analytical dashboards, contracts management, management reports, invoice matching, QuickBooks/ Sage integration, budget analysis, purchase requisitions, inventory management, asset management as well as vendor portals.

Our cloud-based solution and mobile application allows enterprises to eliminate the usage of multiple software including spreadsheets, streamlines everything under a platform, and provides real-time access to data and analytics offering improved visibility

The firm’s dedication, responsiveness, value, service as well as close relation with clients make it unique among its competitors. Offering a feature-rich system at affordable cost, Eyvo caters to many companies from a wide range of industries including banks, insurance companies, law firms, hospitality organizations, schools, NGOs as well as government institutions.

Evidently, Eyvo has carved a niche in the space by leveraging its state-of-the-art tech-stack and solutions delivery model. The company continually modifies its solutions in tune to the developments in the procurement space. With an ambition to widen its customer base and to excel in the landscape, the firm is rolling out new capabilities and initiating developments related to IoT, AI, machine learning and chatbots into its offerings. Eyvo is also planning to capture international markets. In this regard, they are looking to integrate linguistic capabilities into its offerings for translating foreign languages. Eyvo is on a drive to establish its presence in various parts of the globe including the UAE. It is also extending its reach into the Southern hemisphere especially in Australia, New Zealand, and other English speaking countries.


Mill Valley, CA

Michael Petter, Founder & Director

Provides innovative, robust and most compelling set of cloud based integrated purchasing tools for corporate requestors and purchasing departments