Ezugi: The Hybrid Game-Changer

Kfir Kugler, CEO
What was once considered to be a post-retirement or mid-life channel for entertainment, gambling as an industry has witnessed a sea change in the recent decades. Casinos—with the power of internet—have since then left the confines of established entertainment centers and penetrated online to gain mainstream attraction. In particular, “live-dealer gaming with live streaming and real-time remote interaction, which is an industry by itself, is at the forefront of innovation,” points out Kfir Kugler, CEO, Ezugi. With a mission statement to position itself as a technology company in the casino industry, Ezugi has emerged as an innovative live dealer provider.

In typical online gaming industry scenario, Kugler identifies user retention, marketing costs, and monetization to be the most demanding of challenges that annoy casino enterprises. “Around 50 percent of the players stop playing the game after a month and it becomes apparent for operators to release newer versions of their games or add more games to lure users,” states Kugler. However with limited resources and technology constraints impeding the process, casinos find themselves heading toward roadblocks. Ezugi’s strategy enables operators to manage their players in real time directly from their back-end and create customized offers to each player in order to enrich the experience. “By adding the layer of interactivity to online videos, Ezugi’s solution actively responds to live dealer casino engagement, interaction and monetization,” explains Kugler.

Ezugi’s ability to develop a new game engine every eight weeks and potentially launch more games on a permanent basis bolsters the company’s portfolio of live dealer games and live dealer localized studios. Additionally, its customers are constantly putting forward specific requests and retrofits that augment more value. “For instance, we have games like Hybrid Black Jack, Knock out Baccarat and Wheel of Dice, which we developed specifically for clients as a part of our ongoing road map,” says Kugler. Despite the flexibility options that deliver customized products quickly to casino owners, the underlying core that powers Ezugi’s solutions comply with regulatory mandates and are certified by various testing labs.

By adding the layer of interactivity to online videos, Ezugi’s solution actively responds to live dealer casino engagement, interaction and monetization

The purely customer-driven platform along with its development structures is on equal parts—helping casinos as well Ezugi to strengthen its stature in the live dealer market. Recently, one of the company’s clients operating at the Golden Nugget casino hotel in New Jersey made history by becoming the first and only live dealer operator in the USA. Similarly, the Ezugi 360—a platform that bridges online as well as land-based casinos—was deployed at another one of their customer’s venue that opened up opportunities from the broad spectrum, including smartphones, tablets and consoles in hotel rooms. “We set up live tables within actual land-based casino-proxy betting, streamed live games into betting shops and kiosks, and installed in-property mobile solutions to give the 360 degree gaming experience,” evinces Kugler.

Next year, casino operators will be witnessing a major upgrade for the Ezugi 360 platform. “This will allow our clients full control of the player, allowing them to interact cross-platform but still stay connected to the same table—the table they see on the casino floor—the one they trust the most,” notes Kugler. With investments made in product development, the company is geared up to position Ezugi 360 at the crossroads between land-based and online casinos, taking a significant market share of this growing industry.


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Kfir Kugler, CEO

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