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On the high seas, it was once the lookout’s responsibility to observe the horizon for hazards and report to the navigator. The navigator would then take the necessary steps to avoid obstacles and ensure that the ship safely reached its destination. Similarly, in the realm of cybersecurity, typical managed security service providers once waited for their tools to alert them of a breach. This alert was then sent to an in-house IT team to handle the mitigation and remediation. Just as a lookout in a crow’s nest is no longer the only option on a ship today, corporations now have much more sophisticated options than passive, alert-based detection and response. Owing to the ever-evolving nature of cybercriminals, proactive CISOs are incorporating managed detection and response services (MDR) to increase security postures by mitigating and eliminating active threats. With over 30 years in the security realm, F-Secure understands that effective response to live attacks is now a critical cybersecurity function. “We have the skills and the technology to not only see when a targeted attack is taking place, but also provide the support that allows enterprises to effectively fend off the attack and bring it to a resolution,” said Rebecca Rathbun, Managing Director, Americas at F-Secure.

F-Secure was founded in 1988, and throughout its long journey in cybersecurity, the company witnessed the emergence and subsequent spike in the need for specific consulting services for commercial environments. Along the timeline, the company recognized the requirement for most corporate enterprises to invest in their detection and response capabilities. In light of this, F-Secure places a strong emphasis on research to deliver a robust cybersecurity posture and better equip its clients against live “hand-on-keyboard” style attacks. “We devote 25 percent of our consultants’ time on conducting research to better educate clients and the overall cybersecurity community on the best ways to defend against cyberattacks and counter it,” added Rebecca.

The company’s portfolio comprises solutions spanning the entire continuum of security; Prediction, Prevention, Detection and Response. F-Secure offers endpoint security and protection solutions, F-Secure Radar, a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform, alongside a comprehensive detection and response suite. At the core of F-Secure’s unparalleled delivery of enhanced response capabilities, is its continuous response MDR solution— Countercept.

With Countercept, enterprises gain the ability to detect and counter live cyberattacks. Crucially, the solution allows organizations to defend their network using bespoke methodology and advanced remote capabilities, thereby enabling the swift defeat of an attacker.
F-Secure Countercept’s unique continuous response methodology promotes three core aspects of detection and response—collaboration, context, and control. The solution’s emphasis on collaboration ensures businesses' internal departments are connected with decision-makers and subject matter experts thereby enabling informed decisions to be made quickly. Furthermore, with its proprietary technology stack, Countercept not only accesses the most pertinent telemetry across an estate, it also enables threat hunters to perform remote investigation, mitigation and remediation actions that are at the forefront of current security research. This contextual understanding and the control provided by the threat hunter's actions is unique to the most advanced MDR solutions and offers a realistic process for organizations to combat cyberattacks in real-time.

We devote 25 percent of our consultants’ time on conducting research to better educate clients and the overall cybersecurity community on the best ways to defend against cyber attacks and counter them

In a market predominantly comprised of vendors focused on implementing more tools and technologies, F-Secure strikes a balance with its consultancy-backed realistic and effective solutions. “With our research-led knowledge and flexible managed detection and response solution, we serve businesses that require consultancy-backed response products and drive the enhancement of incident response capabilities of the overall MDR sector,” stated Rebecca.

Currently, the company has over 1,600 employees working in 25 offices across the globe, offering effective protection, detection, and response capabilities. In the next 12-18 months, F-Secure aims to expand its business by hiring highly-skilled individuals and drive the creation of innovative services that can be applied across a wider spectrum of cybersecurity challenges. At the same time, the company is also planning to enhance its newly launched consultancy unit that brings the company’s research-led cybersecurity services to organizations all over the world.

F-Secure News

F-Secure appoints new head of consulting business

Helsinki, Finland - Today, global cyber security provider F-Secure announced it has appointed Ed Parsons as the new Executive Vice President of its consulting business. Parsons has replaced outgoing Executive Vice President Ian Shaw as part of F-Secures leadership team and head of F-Secure Consulting.

F-Secure Consulting is a multi-disciplinary global team that helps enterprises overcome the most complex security challenges and build resilience against the most advanced targeted attacks. F-Secure Consulting provides services from four continents. Its offerings cover a wide variety of capabilities, including incident response, adversary simulation, and cloud security.

Were pleased to welcome Ed Parsons to F-Secures leadership team as the new head of F-Secure Consulting, said F-Secure Chief Executive Officer Samu Konttinen. His leadership qualities have helped F-Secure earn the trust of clients working in some of the worlds most challenging, security-critical environments. Were confident that these same qualities will help him thrive in his new role so we can bring our world-class consulting services to more clients.

F-Secures research-led technical security consultancy has specialists all over the world who work together to overcome some of the biggest security challenges. This includes securing the services and infrastructure we all use today, but also the emerging technologies that well depend on tomorrow, said Parsons.

Parsons previously served as Senior Manager, Cyber Security for KPMG UK, and then Head of Cyber Defense, and eventually Director for MWR InfoSecurity. Parsons became F-Secure Consultings Managing Director for the UK after F-Secure acquired MWR InfoSecurity in 2018.

According to Parsons, F-Secure Consulting is uniquely equipped to bring world-class expertise to locales throughout the globe “ an advantage he intends to capitalize on going forward.

By connecting clients in different regions with our global team of skilled professionals, were able to apply world-class security expertise to local client challenges. As a dedicated cyber security company, we offer unique insight, technical excellence, and high-quality service. This allows us to provide our clients with better security outcomes and value for their money, explained Parsons.


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Rebecca Rathbun, Managing Director

With an illustrious 30-year history in the cybersecurity space, F-Secure offers a solutions and services portfolio to enhance an enterprise’s cyber threat, monitoring, detection, and response capabilities. The portfolio comprises cloud-powered endpoint security and Salesforce protection solutions, F-Secure Radar (a turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform), alongside a comprehensive rapid risk and response suite, and F-Secure Countercept (a continuous response solution that can detect and counter live cyberattacks). With its research-led knowledge and comprehensive technology stack, F-Secure drives the creation of newer technologies and services to enhance the incident response capabilities of the overall MDR sector