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Peter Vasilion, CEO
Today, companies see digital transformation as their golden ticket to build a winning business. But most of them lack the right decision-making process to achieve this transformation at low cost and fewer resources. Often they jump into digital initiatives and then worry about having made the right choices to improve the business metrics. They need a partner who can guide them to align people, processes, and digital technologies to gain maximum value out of their digital transformation programs.

Facet Interactive LLC is a digital consulting and services company that helps businesses take an informed and measured approach to digital transformation. Facet provides clients with a ‘digital foundation’ based on which firms can plan an optimized infrastructure and realize a flourishing business. “Built on a unique combination of analytics, processes, and automation, the digital foundation enables our clients to adopt a data-driven decision-making strategy through which they can achieve their goals using less time and fewer resources,” says Peter Vasilion, CEO, Facet.

Organizations from different industries, including higher education, public sector, SMBs, and enterprises, have come to appreciate Facet’s services that empower them with integrated best practices by analyzing their holistic business data. Facet enables its clients with the right tools and process that allow organizations to break down the siloes across departments and identify areas which aren’t under the client’s control but are influencing negatively on the transformation outcomes.

When it comes to client engagement, Facet focuses on the specific task that has been handed over to it by the client, be it improving sales, marketing, or website. It gathers all the project details and then brings its secret sauce of integrated best practices. In this, it carefully analyses the existing processes and workflow between the related departments to identify any loophole and ensure other departments are capable of supporting the sustaining the success enabled by Facet. "For example, if the client doesn’t have an informed sales team to make the most of marketing improvements we enable for them, then marketing transformation delivers little value. It is like you are building a boat without any water stream so you aren't going anywhere," says Jordan Ryan, CTO of the company.

Large companies have different set of issues. They have the staff and the budget to embrace transformation but struggle to get the buy in from the employees to embrace organizational change.In such cases, Facet strives to provide clients’ teams with the complete picture of the organization that will allow them to act proactively and adopt change.
Why Companies Use SWOT AnalysisJordan Ryan, CTO

We offer value-based statements, which are assumptions and hypothesis based on data collected from a wide range of sources to understand their business goals, existing systems, and strategies

“Teams will make better decisions if you give them the right data,” highlights Ryan. The company enhances its service offerings with managed services in the areas of web development, IT, and data to help clients with cloud migration and hardware-related aspects.

With such holistic strategy, Facet has delivered high value to its growing clientele. A case in point, an insurance company has grown in the last four years and has weathered the storm of COVID-19 to thrive consistently. The journey began with modernization of their internal portal system and then moved into holistic business intelligence where Facet tracked an array of business aspects. Facet viewed the employee performance and understood how that data correlated with the overall service delivery. With the onset of COVID-19, Facet expanded its services to help modernize their approach to sales outreach, sales automation, and personalization through the sales system. It also delved into developing their junior sales program which can be scaled up by the client in the future.

In another instance, Facet played a strategic role in enabling digital transformation for a large public school in southern California. “We played a central role in reorganizing their resources to use the integrated best practices for product management and digital transformation,” says Ryan. Through its project management service, Facet is guiding the school to create a five-year plan to migrate their 300 websites to the cloud environment. The company has also created a mini agency within the IT department of the school to serve the upcoming needs.

For the future, Facet is excited about working on open source marketing automation to reduce the cost for its clients who are hungrier to make up for the losses they suffered in 2020.

Facet Interactive

El Segundo, CA

Peter Vasilion, CEO and Jordan Ryan, CTO

Facet Interactive is a digital strategy agency that offers a metrics-driven strategy to small- and medium-sized companies to develop new solutions and transform digitally

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