FacilGo®: Creating Value for Property Operators and their Suppliers

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Ken Murai, Founder & CEO and Brad Chandler, VP of Customer Success and Client Management
Property management companies struggle to execute maintenance and turn processes due to several reasons such as siloed applications, limited data flow, lack of technology, and general inefficiencies in the inspection-to-invoice process. Further exasperating these struggles are the use of multiple applications (or none) and storing maintenance information in numerous systems. Given the high amount of maintenance staff turnover, complicated maintenance and turnover processes can result in loss of quality, higher resident frustration, increased labor costs, escalated cycle times, and missed resident charge backs.

CIOs are challenged to find solutions that make a positive impact on their organization, are easy to use, and do not create major disruptions. FacilGo meets all three of those needs by allowing users to handle the entire maintenance and turn process through one easy-to-use mobile application. “FacilGo is the only platform that provides a comprehensive solution in which each step of the process can be leveraged into the next. The end result is an accelerated turn and maintenance process, which helps save time, enforce standards, and lower operational costs,” explains Ken Murai, Founder and CEO of FacilGo.

FacilGo helps property management companies and suppliers to operate more efficiently and grow revenue. Users are guided through the entire maintenance and turn process from inspections to purchases to resident charge backs. The solution provides timely information, such as warranty data during ordering, and facilitates schedule coordination amongst peers and suppliers. With FacilGo, the whole cycle is tied together, and documented on an interactive turn matrix with extreme visibility into the schedules and the costs of the turns.
With their deep property operations and technology experience, FacilGo’s team understands how to guide staff through what they should do and buy. FacilGo calls this the ‘next step functionality’. Property staff is able to coordinate schedules with their suppliers throughout the process. As a result, turns and maintenance are performed faster, costs are reduced by achieving compliance to contracts, and the company is able to more effectively collect resident charges. Murai goes on to explain, “for instance, if the property staff sees a problem with the carpet during the inspection, they need to clean or replace the carpet. From there they should use certain specs and suppliers, but are often unaware that contracts and standards exist.” In such a scenario, FacilGo guides the clients’ staff to use the right products/service providers and pricing based on their inspection results. Resident charges are tied to back-up documentation such as invoices and pictures created during the process. Once finalized, inspections, work orders, invoices, and resident charges are saved to the property management/accounting system. “All documents can be referenced from one another and property staff can manage everything through a turn matrix where they can check whether tasks are completed and gain insight to actuals versus budget,” he adds.

The company has become a valued partner to numerous real estate operators, residents, and suppliers. Wood Partners—the third largest multifamily developer in the US—appreciates that FacilGo helps them set and maintain product and supplier standards, collect resident damages, generate warranty claims, perform audits faster, and expedite their turn process.

FacilGo is a process driven technology company that thrives on working with its client base to expand operational efficiencies through technology. “The strongest solutions come from working through the most difficult problems, and the student housing turn process is certainly difficult. We listened and built a turn solution for student housing that helps all property operators and suppliers. We didn’t just look at inspections or ordering, we created a solution to the entire process, which is the best way to please your residents, staff and business partners,” concludes Murai.


Los Altos, CA

Ken Murai, Founder & CEO and Brad Chandler, VP of Customer Success and Client Management

An integrated property maintenance solution and supplier marketplace collaboration platform that helps property operators work more efficiently to connect real estate property operators, their suppliers, and residents