Factoreal: Facilitating Seamless Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Chris Ochs VP and Head of Sales
remind consumers of a brand—can still be felt in today’s omnichannel marketing strategies. This is because consumers, when switching between devices, locations, and channels, expect brands to deliver consistent, personalized experiences at each touchpoint. However, marketing and product teams often struggle to meet these expectations, as most of the available tools only provide campaign automation and reporting, and don’t deliver insights into customer behavior that can help brands craft consistent messaging across different channels. Making that happen with its all-in-one customer engagement platform is Factoreal.

Factoreal is a full-stack marketing solution provider with all digital tools in a single platform to process numerous data points and drive insight-led customer engagement. The company combines the power of social media channels, integrated e-commerce stores, email marketing, messaging, mobile and web push notification, POS data, and website tracking to help marketers strategize campaigns, select appropriate communication channels, and execute their marketing endeavors from a centralized platform.

Underpinning the success of such an innovative and effective platform is the investment from global mobility and technology companies like Tech Mahindra and Comviva, which further helps Factoreal in empowering marketers to better access their consumer data and channels, and understand their performance metrics.

Intuitive, Innovative, and Individualized

One of the key facets that Factoreal aces is consumer data segmentation. Keeping up with a brand’s consumer base is an important prerequisite in all marketing efforts, and it all boils down to customer data segmentation. However, segmentation efforts have remained mostly rudimentary over the years, tapping only into demographic and quantifiable information, such as age, gender, marital status, and income, and overlooking the more psychographic and behavioral values. A major reason for this is the lack of a unified data integration platform that can help marketers visualize and analyze the various structured and unstructured data coming from different sources.
Factoreal is not only solving this critical impediment but also facilitating marketers to conduct segmentation on the fly. Even better, Factoreal is addressing the data fidelity issues that marketers usually face when moving data between different systems. “Since you are consolidating all the diverse data points on Factoreal, we are able to maintain the data fidelity—its actual meaning and granularity across the entire value chain—as an ancillary benefit,” says Aditya Dhruva, founder and CEO of Factoreal.

This consolidation also helps Factoreal’s clients reduce their tech spending by 20 to 40 percent while increasing the breadth of channel engagement to shape customer profiles more precisely. Marketers can therefore do more with less. This is especially beneficial for companies with fewer employees; they can use Factoreal’s automation sequence to engage with new inbound leads, before passing them to their salespeople.

Even while onboarding clients, Factoreal’s platform educates and trains marketers to build better customer journeys and campaigns from a fresh perspective. Equally impressive is its approach to channel selection. Their newer customer engagement approaches allow the business to target customers on channels where they are most likely to spend a lot of time, making it easier for marketers to achieve their marketing and sales goals.

With us, marketers get a far better understanding of who their customers are, and they can send the right message at the right moment to the right person through the right channel,” says Chris Ochs, VP and head of sales, Factoreal.

“With us, marketers get a far better understanding of who their customers are, and they can send the right message at the right moment to the right person through the right channel,” says Chris Ochs, VP and head of sales, Factoreal.

Further substantiating the company’s prowess, Ochs narrates a case in point where they helped the Jacksonville Jaguars—a professional American football team. The franchise partnered with Factoreal to engage their global fan base via the optimum channel, time, and message. In addition to focusing on engaging with their ticket holders, the Jaguars moved toward a centralized fan engagement automation solution, transforming how they engage with fans both during the season and off-season, to drive multiple revenue streams.

Driven by these successes, Factoreal is currently focusing on scaling its business, growing its team, and launching new capabilities to help customers achieve goals faster. While doing so, Factoreal wants to remain committed to prioritizing end consumer behavior trends in the market to remain a step ahead of all consumer engagement expectations.


Jacksonville, FL

Chris Ochs VP and Head of Sales

Factoreal mission is to empower the marketing community with one true omnichannel automation platform that is simple, effective, and efficient