FactSet Research Systems: Beyond Everyday Analytics and Risk Management

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the U.S. once said, “Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you.” Attempting to control this fire in the financial space is FactSet Research Systems, which is a leading provider of financial data and analytic applications for investment management and banking professionals around the globe.

Headquartered in Norwalk, CT, the firm combines integrated financial information, analytical applications, and client service to enhance the workflow and productivity of the global investment community. FactSet helps the world’s best investment professionals outperform, and stay ahead of global market trends, access extensive company and industry intelligence, and monitor performance using various desktop analytics, mobile applications, and comprehensive data feeds.

FactSet combines all the tools that the clients need to monitor global markets in a single, intuitive interface and enables them to perform investment research at the most sophisticated level. It offers instant access to financial data and analytics to thousands of analysts, portfolio managers, and investment bankers and it specializes in Equity Analysis, Economics and Market Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Quant and Risk Analysis, Fixed Income Analysis and Research Management Solutions.

The tools offered by the firm enable clients examine trends and produce reports that support their ideas; analyze performance, risk, composition, style, and characteristics for multiple portfolios; run simulated portfolio construction strategies prior to implementation; handles data management with quality assurance checks, historical identifier mappings, and corporate action handling. The company also analyzes portfolio risk with one or more predictive risk models; view predictive risk characteristics, study exposures, and identify systematic sources of relative performance; and access their portfolio’s true vulnerabilities by testing the development model under extreme market scenarios.

As part of its mission to provide effective workflow solutions to investment professionals worldwide, the firm is also offering users with the ability to access FactSet’s powerful analytics and broad scope of data from virtually any computer, anywhere in the world. With FactSet Connect, clients can access familiar FactSet interface—including all of their content and customized set tings—instantly from any internet-ready computer. The platform uses advanced application streaming technology to let users securely access FactSet through a web browser and lightweight, on-demand plugin.

Under the leadership of Philip A Hadley, CEO of FactSet, the company gives users the flexibility to access their data and analytics everywhere, so they can manage their research and workflow on their own terms.

Moving ahead the company plans to expand its data feed business. With the dramatic improvement in database technology and ever-faster networks, FactSet aims to give the clients the power to import and analyze data on their own.

FactSet Research Systems

Provider of financial data and analytic applications for investment management and investment banking professionals around the globe