FADEL: Helping Businesses Harness the Power of IP

Tarek Fadel, Founder & CEO
The proliferation of content and growing complexity of contract terms has made licensing, royalty tracking, payment processing, and overall financial management of intellectual property (IP) in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) space excessively time consuming and labor intensive. FADEL provides cloud-based software and expert services to protect, manage, and monetize IP across the media licensing lifecycle, from negotiation to payment.
As a technologist and patent holder himself, Tarek Fadel recognized the evolution of the IP arena early on, founding FADEL in 2003 to simplify IP management for both licensees and licensors. Since then, FADEL has been building and deploying innovative products that automate IP management. Today, FADEL products manage IP for seven of the top ten media brands in the world, including Marvel Entertainment, and some of world’s largest publishers, including Pearson Education.

Keeping Up With an Ever-Changing Marketplace

New content distribution channels and licensable media types are redefining the way the media and entertainment industry must manage IP. Content portfolios have to be sliced up and packaged in different ways in order to maximize the commercial opportunity. “FADEL understands the distribution landscape and how it is changing for M&E. Our IP management products give organizations a global view of their available IP and enable them to easily pull contract details including licensing terms, global rules and restrictions, and associated financial details,” says Tarek.

Why FADEL for IP Commerce?

“The ecosystem of our clients gets more and more complex by the week, driving the demand for simplified solutions. FADEL has introduced cloud-based software that simplifies support, speeds deployment, and opens our solutions up to mid-market companies,” explains Tarek. “In addition, our professional services and product development teams have pulled repeatable processes, industry workflows, and best practices from our global deployments, and have packaged them into pre-configured industry templates and guided deployments. Out of the box, our products work across countries, currencies, and user groups.”

FADEL ARC, the company’s most recent product release, allows users to check digital asset permissions and clear usage against contract terms globally, real time, accelerating time to market and helping ensure compliance is being met.

Our clients come to us for our software capabilities, but they find we understand the changes their businesses are going through and turn to our thought leaders to help them better monetize their portfolios

“Our industry is marked by the need to innovate solutions to problems that have not yet been realized,” notes Tarek. “Our clients come to us for our software capabilities, but they find we understand the changes their businesses are going through and turn to our thought leaders to help them look into the future and better monetize their portfolios.”

Looking Toward the Future

“We have begun our entry into broadcast rights management and are currently building out capabilities in partnership with global broadcast software vendors,” shares Tarek. “Big broadcasters and studios are forecasting a decrease in revenue because viewers are flocking to OTT-based services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to watch on demand.” Over-the-top content (OTT) refers to delivery of audio, video and other media over the internet without the control or distribution of a traditional multi-system operator. “We are working on features and functionality that will help television stations and broadcasters more easily jump on the OTT distribution plays.”

On the flip side, content producers and creators are finding the need to cultivate as many distribution relationships as possible. As dispersing asset portfolios across multiple distributors becomes the norm, properly delivering content and tracking its usage grows increasingly complex.

FADEL is headquartered in Rye, New York, with offices in the media capitals of the world—New York City, Los Angeles, and a newly expanded space in London to support the company’s growing European operations.


Rye, NY

Tarek Fadel, Founder & CEO

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