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Yaw A. Ofori-Adjei, CTO Africa has stepped up as the next big thing in IT. The Republic of Ghana in particular, has been the hub for technology production and a hotbed for IT innovation in Sub- Saharan Africa. Home to some of the greatest resources and the most powerful minds, the country continues to shape itself into an impressive incubator for modern-day tech developments. This potential to serve as a leading, futuristic technology center has made Ghana the new land of business opportunities, inviting a myriad of enterprises and corporate leaders to the country.

In the pursuit to keep their businesses rolling in the emerging Ghanaian market, companies are often saddled with a key challenge—the lack of technical experts to support their IT infrastructure. Though industry-leading OEMs, such as Dell, HP, VMware, Microsoft, and Cisco, lead the IT game in Ghana, they all lack permanent presence in the country, leaving most companies without the necessary IT assets and technical support. As a result, organizations end up using conventional technologies and tools that prevent them from staying relevant and competitive.

Serving as a leader in the African IT industry since 1998, Fairgreen Limited was quick to identify this gap in the Ghanaian market and capitalize on the opportunity with its deep repository of knowledge and technical expertise.

We Offer the Right Combination of High Quality Products, Services, and Office Solutions in The it Space, Allowing Companies in Ghana to Excel With Their it Investments

At its core, Fairgreen Limited is an ICT firm and systems integrator that specializes in designing and building data centers and installing, configuring, and maintaining data center server, storage, and networking infrastructure. The company is strategically positioned to support the growth of IT in Ghana by addressing all technical challenges that weigh down clients’ business operations. To do this, Fairgreen Limited ensures the availability of certified local engineers who are well equipped and trained to quickly and efficiently meet clients’ varying service requirements. Fairgreen Limited’s extensive industry experience and in-depth understanding of clients’ needs and business objectives, combined with its in-house resources, enables the company to deliver the right-fit solutions that meet their requirements.
Bridging the Technical Gap

“We offer the right combination of high quality products, services, and office solutions in the IT space, allowing companies in Ghana to excel with their IT investments,” says Gifty Petra Boahene, CEO of Fairgreen Limited. Fairgreen Limited partners with major OEMs, including Dell EMC, HPE, Cisco, APC Schneider, Ortea, Microsoft, VMware, Nutanix, Veritas, and Veeam.

As a strategic partner of Dell, the company serves as a leading provider of Dell solutions and services in Ghana and takes the lead in introducing Dell's newer technologies and solutions to the region. Fairgreen Limited was deploying Dell solutions in Ghana when Dell was little-known as an enterprise OEM in the country. The company is upholding this legacy by providing the best possible services to its clients.

Our Outlook for the Next Five to 10 Years is to Be at the Forefront of the Digital Transformation in Ghana, Keep Abreast of the Various Technology Trends, and Continue to Stay Relevant by Providing Innovative Services

What separates Fairgreen Limited from the competition is its team of industry experts. They provide the company with the edge necessary to carry out services locally—from design to post-implementation support—without importing foreign expertise or requiring support from OEMs. Fairgreen Limited identifies its people as its most valuable resource, and this is acknowledged by committing a significant portion of its budget to the development of the team. The company always ensures that its team is trained to have the technical expertise required to support all the solutions it sells. This enables it to deliver projects within clients’ scope and budget, on time, without compromising quality. As a result, more than 60 percent of its clients stay with it for over 10 years—a testament to its customer experience and satisfaction.

A Unique Customer-First Approach

Fairgreen Limited’s success is also attributed to its customer-centric engagement model. The company always adopts a collaborative approach, where it understands the client’s existing systems and operations, business needs and objectives, and challenges, to design a solution that best suits their business journey. Unlike other ICT firms and system integrators that typically respond to requests for proposal (RFPs), Fairgreen Limited always strives to make clients understand how new technologies and solutions can impact their business.
This eliminates their sense of dependability on conventional methodologies, while efficiently guiding them through the technology adoption journey.

Each of Fairgreen Limited’s engagements is tailored to its clients’ varying requirements. For customers who already have a solution or a design in mind, the company typically begins with an assessment survey, gaining a holistic view of the client’s business objectives. After having gathered all that information, the Fairgreen team works with clients to build a solution and educate them on its operation and benefits in their environment. While a similar approach is taken when it comes to greenfield projects, clients often get to view previous projects executed by Fairgreen. This helps them gain a better understanding of how technology solutions can impact their business operations.

When Expertise Leads to Excellence

Fairgreen Limited’s competitive team, along with its unique approach and commitment to customers, has made it the go-to company in the Ghanaian market. The company also caters to the needs of its clients in Sub-Saharan Africa with projects in Sierra Leone, Lesotho, DRC, Nigeria, Liberia, Guinea, and Niger. Its broad customer base includes many multinationals, large corporates, and large public sector institutions in finance, education, manufacturing, and the extractive industry.

One of its most prominent clients is Sierra Leone Commercial Bank that once depended on a third party consultant to address their IT infrastructure needs. Unfortunately, the client’s partner lacked the necessary expertise in the domain to help them manage their growing business requirements. This is when Fairgreen Limited came onboard, helping them eliminate the challenges they were facing. It conducted a comprehensive assessment and designed a VxRail Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)— which was then validated by the Dell team and successfully deployed. In another instance, Fairgreen developed a HCI solution for the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS). Here, the company leveraged VSAN Ready Nodes, helping the client achieve a robust DR solution to support their crucial business operations.

Success stories like these play a vital role in helping Fairgreen Limited push its boundaries even further to create a new standard in the ICT and systems integration space. The company is now planning to extend its reach to the French-speaking African region, while also enhancing its capabilities from a service delivery perspective.

“Our outlook for the next five to 10 years is to be at the forefront of the digital transformation in Ghana, keep abreast of the various technology trends, and continue to stay relevant by providing innovative services,” states Ofori-Adjei.

Fairgreen Limited is excited about the future, and its employees are hungry to innovate and venture into new areas of ICT, such as blockchain, AI, and IoT to build homegrown solutions to solve Ghanaian problems.

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Yaw A. Ofori-Adjei, CTO

Fairgreen Limited is a leading ICT firm and Systems Integrator in Ghana, primarily specializing in the building of data center physical infrastructure and the installation, configuration, and maintenance of data center server, storage, and networking infrastructure

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