FaltCom: An Open Platform for Effective M2M Integration

Mikael Langstrom, CEO
The lack of focus on data security and risks, accompanied by minimal dependence on open source tools, is limiting the delivery potential of companies in the M2M sphere. “We are building an open platform that enable us to work with the best partners in each area and expand indefinitely,” says Mikael Långström, CEO, FältCom.The company’s M2M solutions are currently deployed across vehicle automation, communications, security and surveillance, and public transport. FältCom offers a multifunctional communication platform that is continuously monitored and remotely manageable, enabling cost-efficient growth, high-performance and scalable end-to-end solutions.

FältCom’s M2M solutions and device design are focused on potential challenges with large deployments. “Our platform supports the process from rolling out devices to inventory management, updates, configuration, and surveillance of the deployed device; every step is traceable in the device life cycle,” remarks Långström. FältCom MIIPSC is a multifaceted device for M2M communications. It has a Linux-based core and a large number of communications interfaces, supporting an array of applications to run independently across different domains.The device can be applied as a communication platform in vehicles to perform positioning, tracking, and facilitate automated driver’s logs. The system is based on an open standard that enables connection of the unit to external hardware and integration with third-party applications or the customers’ own internal systems. “Thanks to the openness of the infrastructure, it’s easy to build and implement useful apps in multiple systems. In some systems, there are about 20 functions running on our platform, instead of 20 different systems by themselves,” explains Långström.

The scalable quotient of FältCom—an added advantage via the company’s EcoDriving solution—presents an innovative approach to promoting ‘green growth.’ EcoDriving is helping drivers by monitoring driving behavior and providing real-time feedback. The system provides drivers with synchronized pointers on fuel consumption, allowing them to track their individual progress on a personal website where the results are stored. This results in an economical driving style, leading to 5 to 15 percent reduction in fuel costs.
Apart from automotives, FältCom also has solutions installed in the security/surveillance domain. Their camera surveillance solutions are deployed in buses and airports with alarm capabilities.“I think our biggest contribution to the M2M industry is showing that an open platform is superior. The trends are pretty clear; things are getting connected increasingly, being managed digitally and from a distance, and providing us with useful data about usage, maintenance or environmental aspects,” articulates Långström.

We are building an open platform to work with the best partners in each area, allowing us to expand indefinitely

Through its inventive solutions, FältCom has assisted its clients towards cost-efficient growth. The company has successfully implemented its open source solution at one of Nordic’s largest public transport companies. “The EcoDriving solution installed in public buses helped them save up to 10 percent in gas expenses every year, which is more than enough to finance the entire system,” explains Långström. Since the solution supports an open architecture, it allows third party developers to install additional applications on the device. These buses are also installed with 20 different functionalities apart from the EcoDriving module, including camera surveillance, ticket administration, passenger count, voice communication, and digital signs.

Security, stability, and scalability are key factors present in FältCom’s products and solutions. The company’s technology is put to use in a wide range of industries with room for customizability and scalability. FältCom is in the process of expansion as their first British office was setup this year, with future plans of expansion in the U.S. and France on the horizon. “Looking at the competition, I can’t really see anyone else offering what we have, so if we can keep improving our product, the future looks pretty bright,” concludes Långström.

Falt Communications AB

Umeå, Sweden

Mikael Langstrom, CEO

Offers a multifunctional communication platform continuously monitored and remotely manageable, enabling cost-efficient growth, high-performance and scalable end-to-end solutions.