Faltcom: Connecting the World through IoT

Tobias Andersson, VP, Global Sales
One open platform to connect everything! It was the slogan of Fältcom’s engineers when they released the company’s first cloud based IoT product in 2002. Today, after 14 years, those words have become the identity of Sweden headquartered Fältcom; a company hailed for its machine-to-machine platform to monitor and control vehicles and buildings across major cities. Fältcom’s MIIPS Open IoT Platform and its apps make this possible, which gives customers the ability to extract viable data, perform analytics, and analyze the devices from distant locations in a secured fashion. Fältcom has over 170,000 installations, 40,000 of which are online, across the world, which offer smart ‘machine-to-machine solution’ and applications to manage transportation system, vehicle ecosystem, and buildings and skyscrapers.

“Due to the open architecture of MIIPS, other developers and vendors can build their own applications to scale up the functionalities of the platform as per their growing needs,” says Tobias Andersson, VP Worldwide Sales, Fältcom. This saves large investments as municipalities or firms implement new features for traffic management or install a new ticketing system in the city. Enumerating the other attributes in the vehicle ecosystem, Andersson adds, “MIIPS and apps can keep track of the equipment performance of the vehicle and the sobriety of the drivers through digital breathalyzer.” This fosters safety and brand value of the automobiles. “Swedish Transport Administration actually uses our platform for remote control of speed cameras, dynamic speed signs, road signs, lights, and much more. The platform is also used by PTAs and commercial bus operators for Position control, Infotainment, Wifi onboard, VoIP for driver communication to Traffic Management Center, and Tachograph online data push.”

Eco-Driving, an important app from the Fältcom’s ecosystem, manages the CO2 emissions and vehicle fuel costs. MIIPS, installed in an automobile, works with the mobile app Eco-Driving to analyze driving habits and fuel consumption, and reports on the level of usage beyond the amount actually required for the trip in question. Eco- Driving comes in with a seven inch screen through which the feedback is given to the drivers and also helps monitor driving behaviors.

The embedded platform and apps can keep a track on the equipment performance of the vehicle and the sobriety of the drivers through digital breathalyzer

“The system provides drivers with synchronized pointers on the fuel consumption, allowing them to track their individual progress on a personal website where the results are stored,” says Andersson. This process ensures to instill behaviors like fuel-efficient driving, leading to five to 15 percent reduction in fuel costs.

When it comes to managing the operational excellence of the building systems, MIIPS is a perfect fit for many applications in a smart city as it is able to meet the requirements of the city unlike any off the shelf products. Schneider Electric is one the customers of Fältcom, where the energy and automation giant is using MIIPS for the ventilation systems and climate control systems.

Fältcom is also working together with Bentley Cars in California to quickly start up and test new functions and services such as on-demand and automatic re-fueling of the cars. “Our MIIPS platform enabled them to do this trial without having to do the tidies work themselves developing a platform for this specific project to remotely communicate with the car,” says Andersson. “Through the app provided by Filld, the service technician can open the fuel cap and refuel the car while the client is at work.” This is just one example where we help clients create new, innovative services and products.

Wielding together its motivating ambience along with diligent workforce, the company is now planning to expand its footprint in the U.S.


UMEA, Sweden

Tobias Andersson, VP, Global Sales

With its platform and apps, Fältcom provides M2M solutions to manage smart cities, vehicles, and traffic systems