FamTeck: The Dashboard to Reduce IT Costs

Conrad Meertins, Co-founder & CEO
As the demands on a database increase, there is a risk of system down time and decrease in performance that slows down service executions. This may lead to lost revenue, lost productivity for users, and lost trust of customers. “Some estimates of costs are as high as $6,000,000 per hour for an enterprise global system such as a reservation system,” remarks Conrad Meertins, CEO and Co-founder of FamTeck. “In addition, managing rapidly growing volumes of data while delivering efficiency and results on shorter timelines is contributing to skyrocketing overhead costs that continue to increase by an annual average of 30 percent.” Simultaneously, IT leaders are being tasked with budget constraints and expectations to move business faster. Meertins was on the front line of this perfect storm and it led to his decision to find a better way to support IT Database Administration by founding FamTeck. Famteck has created a disruptive software that provides real time and predictive analytics—for either on premises or cloud database management— through a mobile dashboard with full transparency to executives, management and technical staff.

The average DBA manages 200 databases and it’s impossible to monitor them all closely. Famteck’s flagship software, Instance Resolve (IR) leverages new technology and mobility to provide a next generation application—complete with dashboard—that provides real-time Oracle and SQL Server monitoring to enable capacity planning and trending analytics. By merging features from custom scripts, Enterprise Manager, TOAD, Fog Light and other tools into one consolidated view, DBAs receive real time and predictive data that can identify potential challenges to the system before they can occur resulting in faster decisions and resolution of issues. IR finds relationships in data—perhaps not be readily apparent with descriptive analysis—and translates those findings into actionable data and analytics. This allows the database team to be more productive and proactive, doing more with less resources, and still achieve optimal performance.
Knowing potential challenges in advance allows the DBA to initiate CAPX projects and empower collaboration between DBAs, Storage Administrators and Infrastructure team members for planning and trending capacity—reducing the occurrence and length of Priority 1 incidents.

Our key mission is to make the DBA’s job easier which will result in increasing revenue for the organization

IR can also provide tracking and trending of the database and storage over many years. With the consistent triple digit growth rates of databases, developing an archive or purging strategy while increasing optimal application and database performance is a best practice of database management and reduces the need to purchase additional database storage. Through the trending data, an IT team can see exactly how the database is growing, which tables are growing and why. “More hardware is not always the best solution,” says Meertins. Famteck’s software provides its customers details and insights into what is consuming space, including storage charge-back information. In addition, all SQL statements are analyzed and the worst performing SQL code is identified to the team with detailed information and a Database Health Check, identifying potential sources of slow application performance.

Famteck’s roadmap includes an annual investment of 20 percent in R&D which continuously evaluates new solutions that may align with customers’ requests and solutions that can easily be implemented within their suite of products. Team members are sent to various training events and collaboration with Famteck’s partners, vendors and solutions providers is required to stay abreast of potential options for customers. Per Meertins, “Our key mission is to make the DBA’s job easier which will result in increasing revenue for the organization.”


Decatur, GA

Conrad Meertins, Co-founder & CEO

Famteck provides software that aggregates real time and predictive analytics through a mobile dashboard with full transparency to executives, management and technical staff