FanPlay: Digitalized Fan Engaging Platforms

Julius Schauerhuber, CEO
“Over the last several years the mobility of societies along with the desire of sports fans to access almost “instantaneous” information around fixtures, players and the latest team news has reshaped the landscape for fan engagement,” begins Julius Schauerhuber, CEO, FINALOGIC Business Technologies. Schauerhuber goes on to point out that the largest challenge for creating the “connectivity” of the fan within the arenas are the coverage, consistency, and ever increasing bandwidth needs of the wireless networks.

FanPlay—Fan Engagement Platform of FINALOGIC Business Technologies— was established in the Fall of 2014 by a group of sports, marketing and transaction experienced executives and former athletes to address the need within the sport domain to aggregate the numerous disparate IT systems, to provide the stadium or organization with one complete view of the fan. The platform is a “white label” solution that captures ticketing, betting, payments, social media, video, game statistics, and fan spending data in one schema that can be used to allow a club to cater the individual fan behavior and needs. “Our platform provides a fully integrated set of modules with a single elegant user interface and secure single-sign-on,” states Chris Goeckel, Business Development UK & U.S, FanPlay. “Our primary goal is to improve the fan’s experience and support clubs and stadiums of increasing their franchise value.”

The FanPlay platform enables the clubs and the venues by providing the fans with the timely and relevant content such as updates, information regarding players, match previous tournaments among others. This also helps the clubs build personalized communication and interactions with fans to build stronger lasting engagement experiences.

In addition, the platform assists clubs and stadiums in validating the security for the individuals attending the events. This includes the security of transactions such as a fan’s personal details—debit, credit and other banking information. FanPlay has several patents to support fan identification and authentication embedded into the platform and associated mobile application.
Chris Goeckel, Sales Director UK & US
FanPlay has developed a mobile wallet and merchant solution—Payment Suite that works both offline and online—to facilitate a completely cashless game or event experience.

The fan-centric information collected by the platform provides the club or stadium with the opportunity to understand the behavior and spending patterns of individual and groups of fans. The platform tailors “fan specific offers” or “tailored sponsorship opportunities” to provide goods and services the fan would be interested in consuming.

Our platform provides a fully integrated set of modules with a single elegant user interface and secure single-sign-on

“There are in stadium fan convenience issues such as reducing the wait times with restrooms/concession/club shop queues, optimizing travel routes to and from the stadium, providing unique content for the fans within the stadium and the desire for club/stadium/fans to be safe and secure when enjoying the events,” says Schauerhuber.

Fanplay is a business partner with both Huawei and IBM Global Service. FanPlay has worked closely with both of these global leaders over the last years to deliver a “complete end-to-end” mobile and fan centric solution. In saying that, the firm is still constantly looking to improve their platform to support the ever-changing technology and social media environments. Adding to their growth trajectory, the firm is also constantly reviewing new trends that can be incorporated into the FanPlay platform.


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Julius Schauerhuber, CEO and Chris Goeckel, Sales Director UK & US

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