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Matt Hoelter, Owner
Six years since Pokemon Go (downloaded 500 million times worldwide) hit the market, the tech world has been galvanized by Augmented Reality’s (AR) ability to enhance users’ visual world. Today, AR has evolved into a practical business tool leveraged by organizations across industries.

For example, a Fortune 100 financial services company sought to leverage AR to stand out from the crowd. The company was looking for an exciting solution that could jazz up their presence at tradeshows, and to connect more impressively with financial professionals.

They placed a two-by-two-inch acrylic cube integrated with six sides of AR at their booth. Each side, when scanned, would display an assortment of digital content, from a current-rates calculator to a celebrity photo booth. It was a big hit among tradeshow guests.

The agency behind the scene was Fantom Park, a Midwest pioneer in the world of WebAR that specializes in developing innovative marketing strategies and enhancing brands’ business operations.

An experienced agency that focuses on seamless AR integrations, Fantom Park makes AR easy for clients and their audiences by helping them realize their vision without a complex learning curve. The company’s best-in-class WebAR services act as a guiding hand for organizations interested in utilizing AR, including an audience-centric agency approach and a comprehensive bundle of AR-centered innovative marketing tools and services. Through its offerings, Fantom Park ensures that clients make the most of AR to enhance their business operations while creating incredible new experiences for their audiences.

“We do all the heavy lifting, front-to-back, to deliver clients a result that requires a certain level of AR expertise. We guide our clients across everything they need to do to successfully step into the AR space,” states Matt Hoelter, founder of Fantom Park.

"We Combine Our Global Expertise in Engineering, Development, Design, and 3D animation With Brand and Business Strategy to Deliver The Best AR Experience to Clients"

AR: A Tool of Future Excellence

The novelty of AR and its related technologies intrigues potential players, but its capabilities and nearly unlimited use cases can quickly become overwhelming and render the field challenging to navigate without a guiding hand. With its team of industry experts, Fantom Park is a trusted name in the AR space that understands these challenges and matches AR with the context of their clients’ vision, brand, audience, and products. This gives them a true understanding of AR’s real power and potential to add value to their operations.

As an expert partner dedicated to helping clients quickly, safely, and strategically stride toward the right direction, Fantom Park focuses on WebAR, one of the fastest-moving fronts in AR. Clients initially work with WebAR while the agency builds their confidence in the technology to carry out larger, integrated marketing strategies. This gives them perspective on how the technology can propel their brand to the next level. In essence, Fantom Park uses WebAR integrations as an introduction to the world of AR, showcasing additional value that clients can avail through a robust app experience. Tying all these into broader brand messaging, Fantom Park opens up a new universe of business opportunities, preparing clients to envision the future of greater AR experience.

Fantom Park’s AR services include countless ways to engage consumers beyond marketing. For example, medical equipment salespersons can create full-scale digital representations of their devices and showcase their capabilities to doctors and technicians in real-time. In addition, leveraging its partnership with 8th Wall, an interactive web-based AR solution provider committed to bringing new AR capabilities to light, the company unleashes the power of location-based AR. It allows organizations to use GPS coordinates to engage consumers at a particular location by creating experiences for statues, buildings, or more, with AR overlays. As a new tangent to the already booming AR space, location-based AR opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities for clients.
Taking the Innovative Path to Success

Dedicated to delivering the best experience to clients taking the AR route, Fantom Park adopts a customer-centric, quick-win approach to onboarding. A typical client engagement begins with an initial conversation between the client and Fantom Park’s team to build out a solution within the context of their brand, audience, products, and services. This leads to increased internal conversations and better understanding of the capabilities AR can deliver, resulting in an increased confidence in clients towards even greater value creation.

Workshops are hosted with the client’s team, where they dive deep into strategy to focus on future growth plans. Here, the team assesses the goals, objectives, and challenges that can benefit from AR.

These interactive, perspective-building sessions inspire AR-integrated ideas from participants as a natural byproduct. The digital experience agency then considers the client’s target audience and reviews the strategies other industries used to target similar crowds. Fantom Park handles overall strategizing, proposal building, user testing, launch, and campaign management with scaling capabilities.

“We combine our global expertise in engineering, development, design, and 3D animation with brand and business strategy to deliver the best AR experience to clients,” says Artie Toth, Head Of Strategy, Fantom Park.

Holistic Approach to AR Services

Fantom Park’s immense success is grounded in midwest sensibility. The company, located in the heart of Ohio, takes a pragmatic, creative, and strategic approach in delivering best-in-class services that provide clients with an immersive AR experience. With this customer-centric mindset and holistic approach toward AR integration, Fantom Park serves as a go-to partner for a broad range of clients, helping them take their AR journey to success.

We do all the heavy lifting, front-to-back, to deliver clients a result that requires a certain level of AR expertise

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from Fantom Park’s comprehensive AR services, whether to leave a lasting impact on a crowd or attract individual consumers from the comfort of their homes through personalized experiences. The team has experience and expertise within multiple realms, like WebAR, location-based AR, and app AR, and makes tech recommendations and proposals based on each requirement. Coupled with its global and local partner network, the company is well-versed in addressing all the challenges that come with AR integrations.

Fantom Park’s years of expertise allow it to translate the complexities of the field into easy-to-digest strategies for its clients. Carrying best-in-class, all-inclusive packages in its arsenal, Fantom Park’s holistic approach to AR services for companies of all sizes and verticals pins it as the ideal one-stop solution for anything and everything AR.

Fantom Park

Columbus, OH

Matt Hoelter, Owner

Fantom Park is a start-up offering best-in-class mobile AR services, acting as a guiding hand for organizations interested in utilizing AR for their brand. Supplying a comprehensive bundle of AR-centered innovative marketing tools and services, it uses an audience-centric agency approach to help clients understand the A to Z of AR’s capabilities with context to their own brand

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