FastCall: A Salesforce Dialer Like No Other

Richard Rosen, Founder
The days of Salesforce and the telephone being mutually exclusive tools are no more. With the introduction of FastCall, a “smart” softphone application native to Salesforce, companies can now integrate their telephony, scheduling, and note taking system as never before.

“We’ve never written a line of code outside of Salesforce. We tell our subscribers it’s both a technical advantage but also a philosophical one. Salesforce is an amazing company. You know the expression ‘We have a seat on the bus’? We have a seat on the bus, train, and rocket ship,” states Richard Rosen, founder, FastCall.

FastCall’s primary users are either in sales or customer service, jobs that involve very repetitive tasks. The application helps with efficiency and productivity. “You want to get smarter and smarter because the underlying data is more accurate and clean. Selling is a very hard job and we think the ability to strategize telephone conversations like you would an email campaign, for example, is a very basic need,” Rosen explains.

Historically, there is a large amount of telephone data that has lived outside of Salesforce. For an enterprise team that makes a lot of phone calls, this can be a problem. “For FastCall it is 100 percent about capturing the underlying data from these calls. That data is the fundamental basis of machine learning, which is the bottom layer of our application,” Rosen continues. Another crucial component of FastCall is its ability to connect disparate offices with one telephony/internet system within Salesforce. “This used to be impossible if you had 35 different offices in 35 different cities, as they all had their underlying telephone company. The same for internet connectivity,” he remarks.

A point of pride for the FastCall team is the application’s 5-star reviews on Salesforce Exchange. Rosen points out this is because the FastCall application is easy to use and requires no extra training as it is built for seamless integration; it can be set up by the Salesforce admin and clients can start testing within an hour.

FastCall subscribers, such as Talmadge Zipperer, Director of Sales Intelligence for RecruitMilitary, say FastCall is a “Must-have tool for sales and service teams.”

Users can plug a headset in and use our application in Salesforce without any other hardware

Talmadge writes in his AppExchange review “Like many others who’ve made the switch we were tired of paying extremely high fees for simple functionality. The FastCall team has been tremendous to work with through the years; constantly pushing new features which benefit their customer base. Setup takes mere minutes and the widget is intuitive for end users making same day implementation a reality. I’d recommend FastCall to any organization—it’s a powerful productivity tool for those just getting started and for experienced organizations looking to make a change.”

When the company first released the application three years ago, most of their subscribers were using it with their existing phone systems as a productivity add-on. Today, more of their subscribers have eliminated their enterprise phone systems and are using the softphones provided by FastCall. “They plug a headset in and use our application in Salesforce without any other hardware,” states Rosen.

While FastCall is aligned with Salesforce’s push into AI, Rosen says “Artificial Intelligence” is a fancy term. “To us, AI really just means the ability to help with planning and organizing, as well as scheduling meetings. It doesn’t have to be scary robots, it is just helping you do things that humans aren’t really great at, like remembering what happened in the last 1000 phone calls you made.” He adds that no Artificial Intelligence software will be able to tell the exact date and time a sales executive can convert a lead into a sale and will never work that way.

Over the years, Rosen has seen their niche grow significantly. “I started the company not thinking it was a billion dollar startup, but I realized after we stuck our toes in the water that it really is a much bigger category. The idea of having a phone in Salesforce does make more and more sense for many companies,” concludes Rosen.


Hollywood, CA

Richard Rosen, Founder

A Salesforce-native smart softphone application