Fastly: End-to-End Private CDN Solutions

Artur Bergman, CEO
Today, with many enterprise functions being carried out online, businesses are adopting Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to deliver a reliable stream of content rapidly. The content stream can contain static or dynamic content, ecommerce transactions, video, voice, games, or a collection of data types that can reach end-users instantly. With the advent of the IoT and rising quality of data, the stress on CDNs to deliver performance, speed, and security is rising. CIOs in charge of channeling enterprise data through CDNs have to ensure that it is performed in a secure environment and suffers no lag when reaching users. To accomplish this, organizations have to employ cost-effective solutions with proven speeds and reliable services. Fastly, a CDN services provider based in San Francisco, CA, was founded to meet this need. “At Fastly, we serve data in an intelligent manner. Our CDN solutions are designed to maximize capacity and minimize overhead, while allowing the customers to maintain complete control and oversight,” says Artur Bergman, CEO, Fastly.

The firm delivers static and dynamic content on both public and client’s Point of Presence (PoP) at high speeds. Fastly’s flagship offering, Private CDN, can handle client-traffic exclusively. “This solution comes with delivery acceleration, real-time caching, security features, control panel, and SSL support,” says Bergman. The ability to select the PoP location and hit rate options has made it a popular choice for clients. Also, by providing real-time visibility and two-second configuration updates, the CDN solutions from Fastly ensure complete transparency across network operations.

Furthermore, Fastly’s robust security solution augments the responsive network to ensure that clients have full control over it. It capacitates clients with the ability to handle high-volume SSL, freedom to use the client’s own IP address space and firewalls. “Whatever your particular needs are, our integration team will build you the best-fit solution,” says Bergman.
The products from Fastly have been integrated into the distribution channels of many firms that need content delivery. Vimeo, is one such content provider that has leveraged Fastly’s solutions to improve their content delivery channel. Vimeo attracts a global monthly audience of over 160 million viewers and user experience is a key concern. When delivering content, Vimeo faced challenges storing and delivering over a billion thumbnail images in real time. The existing CDN lagged while loading content and as a result, the user experience suffered. To fix this, Vimeo approached Fastly. After a careful study of the client’s distribution network, Fastly was able to streamline the network and exceed the client’s delivery requirements through Fastly’s CDN. In addition, Vimeo also used Google’s cloud platform for application hosting and metrics for some of its services. With Fastly’s CDN being effortless to integrate with cloud platforms, it was easy for Vimeo to deliver content rapidly and increase the solution’s value.

Whatever your particular needs are, our integration team will build you the best-fit solution

The unparalleled suite of services offered by Fastly is backed by an experienced team of innovators. “A single Fastly cache processes more HTTP requests than racks of legacy caches. Less equipment and fewer connections to install and manage translates to lower cost, fewer machines, and simpler infrastructure,” beams Bergman. For the future, Fastly will continue to raise the industry standards to newer heights. With the quality of data increasing, the company aims to innovate their CDN to stay ahead in the industry by ensuring that data reaches its destination accurately.


San Francisco, CA

Artur Bergman, CEO

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