FASTTAC: Delivering Value To Project And Facility Management Teams

Ray Steeb, President & CEO
For organizations involved in large construction projects, it is often hard to capture all the activities, manage personnel, and share important information between staff from start to finish. It becomes increasingly time consuming and inefficient to keep multiple sets of drawings needed for a building as they keep changing during different phases. Responding to this need for electronic document control, distribution and staff collaboration is the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company FASTTAC. Using technology that originated at Carnegie Mellon University and established in 2005, the company specializes in providing cutting edge software solutions for construction drawing and document sharing, annotation, collaboration and communication.

FASTTAC provides products that enable the construction and facility management industries to offer fast and easy access to project drawings and related documents created during the planning, design, and construction phases. It provides electronic document control, distribution and collaboration systems designed for the construction project teams and facility management personnel throughout the life of a project. During the design phase, the solutions provided by the firm can be used to share requirements, schematic designs and to streamline the process of collecting feedback from project stakeholders. During construction phase, contractors, architects, engineers and project staff can use the product to ensure that everyone on the project always has the latest set of updated documents before work is done. And as project nears conclusion, the FASTTAC’s solutions becomes essential as a centralized archive for all facility drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and all the related facility information to help facility managers discover the source of problems, plan work, capture issues and record changes as they occur, thus maintaining a continuous and up to date permanent record.

FASTTAC is the only product designed to centrally manage and maintain the contract set of project drawings and related documents while automatically distributing all needed content to the user's local computer.
The solutions offered by the firm's patented navigation system delivers rapid access to critical construction documentation in the field and in the offices for general contractors, architects, engineering firms, subcontractor, suppliers and developers. FASTTAC system delivers accelerated access to all construction documentation and the ability to add the team's tacit knowledge to them. It provides all staff, regardless of location, the same set of drawings and specifications to record events, quantities, issues and documentation on the fly. The primary aim of the product is to keep all participants up to date with the most recent project information with simple updating capabilities, while at the same time improving productivity and reducing document confusion.

Solutions that can work connected, or with minimal or no connectivity is the need of the hour

Ray Steeb, founder and CEO of FASTTAC says, “Solutions that can work connected, or with minimal or no connectivity is the need of the hour.” He adds that, “We appreciate the fact that more than 50 percent of the construction products are not connected or don’t have connectivity. And our ability to work completely on mobile devices without any connection gives our clients an edge in this cut-throat market.”

FASTTAC has garnered several awards in its eight years of existence including ‘Top New Product 2010’ and 11', 'Top Trusted Product in 12' and 13' award by Constructech and ‘Hot Product 2010’ by Construction Executive. Moving forward, the company plans to offer an extension of their core competence and provide their customers with social media type capabilities and attributes that foster direct communication amongst the project and facility stakeholders.


Pittsburgh, PA

Ray Steeb, President & CEO

A company that provides cutting edge software solutions for construction drawing and document sharing, annotation and communication.