Fathom Solutions: A Unified Approach to Comprehensive Management

Ibrahim Al-Baloud, President & CEO
The oil and gas industry with its mission-critical and high-value operations requires technology solutions that take an overarching approach to solve the challenges in an end-to-end manner. While the market is replete with technology providers that offer point solutions, the oil and gas companies hardly achieve the return on investment (ROI) on their technology investments. Disrupting the status quo, the cornerstone of Fathom Solutions was laid to deliver comprehensive software solutions platform for oil and gas companies to overcome the operational impediments and improve performance efficiency. “Driven by next-gen analytics software platform, we provide visibility for the entire chain of operations, enabling the decision makers to make informed decisions,” says Ibrahim Al-Baloud, President and CEO at Fathom Solutions. The Texas-based firm offers cutting edge technologies providing a unified interface that integrates data from a diverse array of systems and solutions from across operations and management, data sources, and equipment, and delivering smart solutions to manage operational data efficiently and optimize overall performance through data analytics and machine learning applications in a unified single software platform.

Fathom Solutions’ technology solutions not only unlock the hidden value of all of the data through analytics but also delivers valuable insight for the operations to make an informed decision promptly and prompt execution towards achieving performance excellence.

Fathom solutions are based on an industrial IoT platform called Precocity® that is horizontally built and modular by design, scaling to connect a broad of vertical advanced applications solutions and expanding a range of a real-time data and big historical data.

Allowing companies to reduce operating cost and mitigate the challenges pertaining to risk and compliance. Their solutions prove beneficial in several areas including plant and pipeline operations, integrity management, corrosion forecasting, KPI’s management, supply chain optimization, oil well production optimization, energy consumption management and equipment handling.

Enabled with rapid processing and built-in automated workflows, the Fathom platform allows companies to execute their field operations with greater precision and accuracy. The platform also collects data streams from the operations fields and third-party data sources and manage the performance visually on real-time basis. With functionalities such as root cause analysis and compound, analytic applications, and algorithmic alarming, the Fathom platform helps reduce the operating time and predicts the failure of devices or equipment, thereby saving time and improving the efficiency based on informative data-driven decision making promptly, securely and safely.
“We maximize the utilization of Capex and increase the efficiency of Opex through Fathom Solutions,” says Al-Baloud.

Fathom helps pipeline operators by building intelligent solutions tailored to their unique needs. One such solution is an integrated performance management system that has a single-user interface providing pro-active asset management and data optimization. The system is also aimed at mitigation and pro-active management of corrosion in pipelines through proprietary algorithms. Fathom develops advanced applications to support the on-going operations. For instance, their drag reduced agent (DRA) module provides automated DRA and chemical dosing optimization over a multitude of parameters in realtime.

Adding credence to Fathom’s technology portfolio, Fathom Productivity gives the oil well production team the Visibility by monitoring static and streaming data from oil wells and related facilities;

Predictive analytics dashboard that shows the dynamic risk of equipment failure over a prediction horizon (e.g., next 24 hours) and identifies the underlying causative factors;

Prevent losses by a proactive indication of abnormal and developing conditions on artificial lift systems by predicting when causative factors are trending towards performance deterioration and failure event; prescribe proactive actions to prevent failure event by providing recommendations as to how to improve operational performance base on the predictive data models.

The company has profound solutions to connect data and tackle client’s challenges related to supply chain and the demands of their customers,in minutes. Fathom digitizes the data for running calculations, increase the quality and profit margin, and maintain the integrity of the assets in the oil field.

The firm enables oil and gas companies to increase the effectiveness of their assets and workforce while reducing the risks associated with aging infrastructure. Fathom Solutions consistently delivers high client satisfaction through a thoroughly modern service approach that takes clients' requirements, time, and resources into account. Focusing on the U.S. and Saudi Arabia market, the firm continues to grow by offering technologies that guarantee high value and rapid ROI. While striving to improve their skillset, Fathom Solutions is doubling down on the development expenditure.

Fathom Solutions

Houston, TX

Ibrahim Al-Baloud, President & CEO

Helps oil and gas companies get a deeper understanding of the vast data and improve their operations across production, pipeline, and supply chain

Fathom Solutions