Fendahl Technology: The Touchstone of Commodity Trading

Henry Thornalley, Marketing Director
In the oil and gas industry, a majority of the ETRM/CTRM systems were developed twenty-five years ago during a period of high oil prices. As a result of which, the cost of buying, implementing, and maintaining traditional ETRM/CTRM systems are extremely intimidating especially for smaller trading businesses. Besides, most legacy CTRM solutions are inflexible, lack effective reporting, and decision support capabilities. To keep up with the evolving software landscape and shifting oil prices, organizations today need an up-to-date CTRM solution, the maintenance for which will not burn a hole in their pocket.

Setting a new standard in the CTRM software marketplace, Fendahl Technology brings to the table their groundbreaking Fusion CTRM solution that enables commodity traders to efficiently and profitably overcome the challenges of complex and volatile energy markets. Drawing on the strengths of its reliable pool of experts, Fendahl Technology has developed a robust Fusion ETRM platform that delivers greater flexibility, a lower total cost of ownership, and a much richer functionality in terms of energy trading.

Founded nearly a decade ago as a consulting business, Fendahl was dedicated to helping trading businesses to make smarter decisions while selecting ETRM systems. Eventually, the company gained a treasure trove of knowledge about the capabilities of systems in the marketplace, which helped them evolve into software. At the core of Fusion CTRM sits powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, a feature that was lacking in most legacy ETRM systems. “We identified the demand gap in the market and subsequently developed a feature rich next generation ETRM solution that costs less to deploy and is highly flexible” says Henry Thornalley, Marketing Director of Fendahl Technology.

From the get-go, Fendahl was keen on ensuring that Fusion was a modular system with clean and easy-to-use features. Instead of buying into a huge clunky system with excessively complicated features where most clients will only use 60 percent of it, the modularity of Fusion CTRM offers clients the ability to select the functionality that’s relevant to them.

We identified the demand gap in the market and subsequently developed a feature rich next generation ETRM solution that costs less to deploy and is highly flexible

If they seek additional functionality in the future, Fendahl can enable that for them. A large Middle Eastern oil trader said of Fusion, “Fusion CTRM is a modern CTRM system that provides clear advantages over competing solutions. Our key requirements when selecting a system were; rich oil trading functionality and the ability of a system to support industry best practices across our business. The Fendahl team were also able to demonstrate a superior level of oil industry knowledge.”

One of the world’s top 20 mining companies along with huge oil and gas players in the Middle East, Singapore and Europe are benefitting from Fendahl’s Fusion software. Fusion CTRM software supports the functional trading and risk management requirements of a wide variety of commodities such as petroleum, energy commodities, metals & metal concentrates, minerals and agricultural commodities.

A very important short-term goal for the company is to push further into the US market as it already has a strong foothold in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With a flurry of achievements within the past decade, Fendahl has transitioned from being a new entrant into the CTRM industry to a market leader, with a solution utilized by Fortune 500 businesses, trading companies and would renowned producers across multiple different commodity sectors.

Fendahl Technology

Dubai, UAE

Henry Thornalley, Marketing Director

Fendahl’s Fusion CTRM is the next Generation of CTRM Software, trusted by trading organisations both small and large on a global scale. Fusion CTRM is a multi-commodity intelligent CTRM system that supports the requirements of front office, operations and back office and provides powerful in-built reporting tools. Fusion CTRM delivers a single easy to use modular CTRM platform. Fusion’s modern architecture coupled with Fendahl’s 100 per built in house philosophy provide significant advantages over legacy CTRM solutions. Fusion CTRM delivers advanced CTRM functionality, market data management, and advanced business intelligence tools within a single integrated modular software platform

Fendahl Technology