Fenero: Comprehensive Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions

Marlon Williams, Founder & CEO
With the rising cost of software licensing, maintenance and support, combined with expensive infrastructure maintenance, the realm of traditional contact center technology is no more a happy hunting ground for organizations and Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs). The legacy contact center software, while increasingly becoming obsolete, is forcing enterprises to re-evaluate their strategic models. “Fenero provides the contact center space cloud solutions and business models that are reliable, scalable, and cost-effective,” says Marlon Williams, CEO and Founder, Fenero.

Miami, FL-based Fenero was created with a vision to fill the void in the market for more innovative and cost-effective solutions to boost customer engagement. “Since our solution is cloud based, there are no upfront capex costs for hardware or any recurring software licensing fees,” assures Williams. Fenero provides a unique pricing model where the software is offered free of cost and the clients pay only for the usage of the platform—2 cents per minute for voice and 2 cents per session for email and chat.

According to Williams the ruling trend in contact center arena which has received serious attention from every major industry is security as it relates to cloud-based solutions. The “AWS advantage” has allowed Fenero to help their clients in benefitting from data center and network architecture that meets the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations. Effective application of AWS’s key features such as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Auto-Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) has allowed Fenero to meet the changing demands of its clients. Additionally, with AWS ElastiCache, the company has become extremely responsive to all user interactions with the utmost focus on performance and responsiveness. Unlike solutions functioning in a multiple vendor environment that is prone to integration issues, Fenero’s entire contact center platform is a single supplier solution with a distinct software stack that caters to companies across diverse industries.

We have created a market-competitive platform with a business model that is disruptive in terms of delivery, capability and cost

Deploying a solution selling approach on a consistent basis has allowed Fenero to uncover client requirements. The firm strives to customize their solution, using their contact center platform to solve the critical pain points of their clients. Key features of Fenero’s platform include inbound call and email routing, outbound dialing, quality, and performance management, live customer chat, self-service IVR, open APIs to integrate with internal / external applications, and a new browser-based Web Phone powered by WebRTC. “We have created a market-competitive platform with a business model that is disruptive in terms of delivery, capability and cost,” delineates Williams.

Fenero is a member of the South Florida Digital Alliance (SFDA)— which pledges to continually give back to the local community by providing technology, services, and leadership to those in need. Fenero also partners with several Lighthouse organizations, including the Chicago Lighthouse, Lighthouse of Central Florida / Lighthouse Works, and Miami Lighthouse for the Blind to aid them with continuing their specialized BPO business that helps the blind and visually impaired with employment opportunities.

The company attributes its key differentiating factors to its powerful contact center solutions that offer unparalleled levels of flexibility and reliability along with optimized scalability. “We have a comprehensive product roadmap that includes WebRTC video conferencing, Workforce Management Systems, Analytics, SMS, social media monitoring and CSAT Surveys,” concludes Williams.


Miami, FL

Marlon Williams, Founder & CEO

Providing unique contact center solutions aiming to change the way global businesses approach and pay for their contact center solutions