Fesworld: Automating Business Routines through Optimized MS Dynamics

Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, CEO
Microsoft Dynamics enterprise software solutions help drive key business processes, make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure businesses make the most of their assets and resources. Importantly, with MS Dynamics, enterprises have found a remedy to preserve the ever-expanding digital information in their legacy systems at a centralized location— accessible 24/7 from anywhere and any smart device. “Today, making sure that businesses acquire flexible yet robust Dynamics solutions which accurately ensure best in class services and securityis a major priority for us,” begins Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, CEO, Fesworld.

Based in Mexico, Fesworld is an IT consulting company with extensive experience in successful implementations of enterprise software solutions—MS Dynamics ERP and CRM. Being a Microsoft Gold ERP, Gold CRM Partner, and a Cloud Solution Provider, the company provides organizations with technical on-site and remote support based on the type of project, as well as knowledge from a functional and technical perspective. “We have qualified professionals having in-depth knowledge and experience of integrating projects based on MS Dynamics,” says Miguel Ángel. Fesworld has been part of success stories in complex implementation and specific developments concerning MS Dynamics systems.

During the implementation process, Fesworld consultants begin their activity by analyzing the business requirements and its processes to improve them and, then, reflect them in the Dynamics system. Later,the consultants finalize the special adjustments and final configuration of each module, reports are made, and comprehensive tests of the system are carried out for user approval. The last step is to verify that the complete project environment is ready to gain an operational status, ensuring that key users are fully prepared.“FESWORLD ensures that a successful implementation process is carried out, and which is thoroughly tested and perfectly defined,” says Miguel Ángel. “The basis of successful implementation is the comprehensive analysis of the information needs of your company along with its business processes.”

Fesworld was created to meet the needs of companies—efficient ERP and CRM—implemented by qualified MS Dynamics professionals

The MS Dynamics-AX solution catered by Fesworld is an enterprise software solution that manages and optimizes business processes, plans activities effectively, and allows access to information in real-time. Further, the MS Dynamics-CRM solution manages business relationship, drives productivity of sales, markets effectiveness through knowledge of social networking, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud—locally, or a hybrid combination. The CRM helps organizations reduce costs and increase profitability to organize and automate business processes that promote customer satisfaction and loyalty in the fields of sales, marketing, and customer service. CRM solutions can deliver faster ROI through marketing, customer service, and sales force automation. “We also offer mobile platforms and CRM applications that allow enterprises to manage relationships with their customers on mobile devices, along with tools that integrate data and reporting directly from the CRM application,” adds Miguel Ángel.

Fesworld has decided to foster its growth based on what it does best—implementing Microsoft Dynamics business solutions. “Microsoft Dynamics solutions have grown to be the very best in the market, with customer-centered vision that has no other way but up,” says Miguel Ángel. Therefore, Fesworld will continue to bet on them while continue to invest to improve its consultancy body, additional functionalities, and geographical expansion. “Currently, we have offices in Mexico City, Monterrey, and San José in Costa Rica.We have plans to open offices in Querétaro, the fastest growing state in Mexico and Latin America,” concludes Miguel Ángel.


México City, Mexico

Miguel Ángel Ordóñez, CEO

Provides efficient best in class MS Dynamics—ERP and CRM solutions to enhance their clients’ business routines