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CIO VendorLynn Jones, VP of Marketing
As industries evolve due to the advent of new technologies, various challenges associated with operational and business models are unfolding along with it. Operationally, the overarching challenge is to manage field service operations end-to-end, in an integrated and automated fashion. From a business model perspective, the challenge and the opportunity facing organizations is to move their field service operations to a customer-centric, profit-center model from what has traditionally been a cost-center model.

Plano, TX-based FieldAware addresses these issues with its cloud-based mobile technology platform. The solution extends operations out to the customer through field workers running the FieldAware mobile applications on smartphones and tablets. Through their mobile devices, field workers have easy access to information in their back office; and conversely, it gives organizations real-time customer and job information from the worksite.

“Integrating all of the activities at a customer site in real-time with the entire organization brings incredible efficiencies and productivity improvements,” said Lynn Jones, VP of Marketing, FieldAware. She goes on to say, “This is different from accessing a web or HTML5 application on a mobile device because a native mobile application has the advantage of leveraging all the functionality and processing power of standard mobile devices, but also works offline when no network coverage is available; most importantly, no data that was entered while offline is lost.”

FieldAware’s mobile solution helps an organization transition their field service business from a cost-center to a profit-center. FieldAware’s solution provides mobile workers with job specific checklists, the ability to share photos and collaborate with the home office while at the job site, turn-by-turn directions, and smart scheduling combined with utilization dashboards – all of these functions together have the potential to positively change the economics of a field service business. In addition, the functionality on the mobile device allows field workers to pro-actively quote and upsell on the job site.
Less administrative paperwork means more jobs can be completed in a day and DSO (Daily Sales Outstanding) is significantly reduced. “Our cloud-based software provides ease-of-use with incredible flexibility, which enables field service organizations to amaze their customers,” said Lynn Jones.

FieldAware makes the transformation to an automated field service operation seamless. All of the customer’s existing data can be imported to the FieldAware solution easily and with no interruption to the current business. Its API leverages an easy-to-use JSON data-interchange format to integrate mobile field service operations with custom applications as well as with all the leading financial accounting, CRM and ERP solutions. “We like to refer to ourselves as the Switzerland of Field Service Software because we are integration friendly with any application regardless of what platform the application is running on,” said Lynn Jones.

Most importantly, this provides businesses with a platform that will support the automation of the entire service chain as their service businesses continues to evolve. “Because of our technology platform and its inherent flexibility, any industry and any type of mobile worker can be supported,” said Lynn Jones.

Our cloud-based software provides easeof- use and flexibility, which enables field service organizations to amaze their customers

FieldAware’s vision for the future includes a self-service portal in its solution set. The self-service portal enables a field service organization’s customers to request and track services as well as access service and billing history. FieldAware recently introduced its Business Intelligence Dashboards that provide real-time insight into business operations, key metrics, and line of service and mobile worker performance, enabling executives and managers to make smarter business decisions and plan for the future in a data-driven way.


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Lynn Jones, VP of Marketing

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