FieldPower: The Right Fit for Field Services

As mobility has become the new ‘mantra’ in the field services arena, it has now become imperative for decision-makers to implement solutions that leverage this trend of a mobil¬ity and at the same time remain flexible and scalable. Well positioned to cater to the current crisis faced by the niche market, FieldPower—with its comprehensive Work Force management solution—provides stakeholders with the capabilities to curb these challenges. “Our solution empowers the field force through lighter devices that are cost-effective and addresses different verticals such as Telecom, Manufacturing, and transportation,” begins Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Vice President, Business Development, FieldPower.

FieldPower is very effective service management software providing an automation solution to manage field workforce. The primary feature of the software is the ability to optimize service operation efficiencies through picking the right technician, with the right skill, at the right time, with the right equipment and parts at the lowest cost per job. A complex proprietary algorithm that adjusts with the client’s application configuration accomplishes allocating the right resources. FieldPower’s mobile service can be deployed as a hosted or on-premise application that supports multiple devices like iPad, Android, Windows mobile, intermec, tablets, and notebooks. The all-inclusive work force management solution includes intelligent scheduling, dynamic dispatch, and service project management that add value to the client’s service.

By leveraging the field service scheduling feature, clients can evaluate multiple variables in real-time and fulfill the requirement of their clients within the stipulated time frame. With this automatic scheduling, clients can set appointments, provide best customer service and service level agreements (SLA’s) that is compatible with the changing scenario of business. The software also provides service project management solution, which helps clients to address the issues from multiple projects from planning to tracking the development of different projects and monitoring other analytics.

FieldPower also comes with GPS optimization and back-office integration. Reporting capabilities include pre-built field force reports. To help users with workforce and inventory planning--by predicting trends—the “Forecast” tool comes in handy. The solution’s Mobile inventory management capabilities allow field personnel to update inventory data remotely.

Our solution empowers the field force through lighter devices that are cost-effective and addresses different verticals such as Telecom, Manufacturing, and transportation

To enable clients to expand businesses in new geographical areas, the firm offers the FieldPower Test and Measurement (TM) solution which allows clients to manage multiple vendor mobile workforces. FieldPower TM solution provides a web-connected database hub where the client’s requirements are included with the vendor’s location and availability. As clients deal with a host of vendors, the FieldPower TM solution protects the clients as well as the vendor’s data and regulates the access to the information.

The company’s field service management solutions were utilized by Volt Information Sciences—a provider of staffing services and outsourcing solutions, to increase their technician to dispatch ratio and save significant cost. “With FieldPower’s new mobile solution, we could triple our technician to dispatcher ratio making our people most efficient and saving us significant cost,” says Diane West, Service Manager, Volt Information Sciences. By leveraging the firm’s solutions, the client was able to have complete control over their field services and re-assign work in real-time.

The high quality and low cost service offering of the firm provides global capability and widespread technology expertise to clients. The firm’s focus is on creating software that solves real world business problems in the field service space, driving strong ROI for their customers

Forging ahead, FieldPower will focus on improving their Field service management services to stay ahead of the competition. The firm also plans to integrate more features and streamline their solutions to offer seamless digital experience to the clients.


Falls Church, VA

Neil Murphy, President

Provider of field service software that manages mobile workforces, increasing the amount of work completed and customer service satisfaction