FieldSync: Building Essential Software Solutions For Businesses That Want To Lower Costs

CIO Vendor Rarely do you see 20,000 employees using the same mobile app as they would email or remote desktop. Rather it is 100 inspectors, twenty sales reps, fifteen delivery drivers, ten facilities and maintenance staff, or a single case or project manager needed to capture data, manage staff, track and maintain assets, or generally report on the whereabouts. Smaller groups, even within Fortune 100 companies, often do not get the time or budget to implement a mobile application due to other priorities, costs, and resources. A company from Meridian puts the power of mobility in the hands of the end users, bringing leading edge mobile technology and digital workflows to the masses.

Going by the name of FieldSync, the firm founded in 2010 is a cloud-based, mobile application platform offering companies a business solution on a subscription or usage basis, removing the very high upfront capital expenditure of traditional enterprise software and platforms, as well as the hardware and ongoing support costs. The company handles all of the security, storage, backup, deployment, synchronization of data, user/device management, BYOD support, and operation on a wide variety of platforms, devices, and operating systems. It cuts the time to start using mobile for work down to a matter of hours and reduces the costs by over 90 percent. Most mobile applications apply to smaller groups of end users.

Allow Organizations the Ability To Use Enterprise Software

FieldSync is designed to allow organizations the ability to use enterprise software that includes a true, secure mobile application. “Key differentiators include our patent pending mobile container which supports Apple, Android, and Windows with HTML5 native
hybrid capabilities in a consistent way across all platforms and device sizes. Unlike other solutions, we have built FieldSync on our own proprietary middleware that provides a local, encrypted database, end to end data encryption of transfers, asynchronous sync capabilities, guaranteed syncs, operation in disconnected mode, and use within the app of all of the device features like GPS, camera, and signature capture," mentions David Cohen, CEO at FieldSync. He goes on to say "Our database design supports an exceptional level of configurability from labeling to the number and types of fields used in one’s forms and apps, while still supporting a great user experience on the web and the mobile.” This is a combination of modules, features, and capabilities that has not been assembled before at such a low price and without the need for IT staff or software engineers.

For a single monthly fee, FieldSync’s clients benefit from a completely hosted and managed cloud solution which is available 24/7/365. It can be accessed through the web application on any major browser and device or it can be accessed through a mobile application on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The firm’s clients range in size from SOHO and single users to multi-billion dollar companies. Some of the largest clients include URS, AECOM, Genesis healthcare, CSL Behring, American Bridge, and the State of Utah.

Continuing To Enhance The Current Capabilities

The needs of the enterprise boils down to value, time and control. To address these needs, FieldSync continues to enhance the current capabilities, offer more points of configuration to those who want it, and develop more off the shelf templates, apps, workflows, and reports for those who are looking for simple tools. The company is going to release its advanced native hybrid mobile application this quarter, which will allow it to build to the highest capabilities of each platform while delivering a more familiar end user experience based on the chosen device.


A provider of cloud based solution that includes simple web access and a free, integrated mobile application