Figur8 Cloud Solutions: Optimizing Businesses through Process-Efficient Solutions

Richard Lockson
In today’s technologically-advanced era, enterprises big and small are turning to Salesforce’s cloud platform, which can be easily customized and maintained to deploy applications and address their daily business problems. The ubiquity of the cloud has had a tre-mendous impact on how business is conducted, paving the way for organizations to grow much faster, drive change, and deliver value to customers. Figur8 Cloud Solutions, based in San Francisco, CA, and Toronto, ON, harnesses the power of Salesforce as a Gold Alliance Partner, offering strategic consulting, implementation, and development services to clients.

We can create, tweak and support various Salesforce services and generate different kinds of reports and dashboards according to customers’ needs

“Figur8 enables companies to optimize their IT infrastructure by using Salesforce to enhance their internal business processes, build applications, and implement a center of excellence so that internal teams can work more efficiently,” says Ojay Malonzo, Co- Founder and Partner of Figur8. “We employ a proven methodology in all of our Salesforce customer engagements and implementations, whether it’s a large enterprise or a small firm,” remarks Malonzo. With extensive expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem and over 500 implementations, Figur8 has a thorough understanding of companies that are looking for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

The firm takes a prescriptive approach to assessing the design pattern for a particular client by identifying a customer’s requirements and developing a custom solution. From a project management standpoint, Figur8 leverages Salesforce’s platform to manage the entire lifecycle of a project, tracking items such as milestones, risks, issues, and outlining plans to keep project expenses within budget. “We capture all of the details of the engagement so that clients can keep a detailed history of what was deployed for them,” adds Malonzo.
Ojay Malonzo, Co-Founder & Partner
Figur8 has experience covering the entire suite of Salesforce products. “We offer customers Salesforce best practices so that their business can scale and achieve the highest level of ROI by using the application,” says Malonzo.

“We help customers understand and prioritize the metrics they can run within Salesforce to help them drive decisions within their organization.” The expertise that Figur8 has in the Salesforce industry, and with its platform and specific products, enables the firm to deploy applications very quickly.

With profound knowledge of Salesforce and years of experience in the ecosystem, Figur8 imparts effective and appropriate solutions to their clients. Malonzo highlights a case study: a firm that has high - lead transaction volume and deals with 150–200 calls per day approached Figur8 to attain efficiency in their processes. “Their sales representatives wanted less clicks and more dials,” says Malonzo.

Figur8 spent under a week with the company’s sales team to understand their existing process. Malonzo’s team then built a customized version of Salesforce, which increased the client’s call efficiency by about 40 percent. “We enabled the sales reps to move from lead to opportunity closure within a matter of seconds,” says Malonzo.

“We stay on top of every new Salesforce product release to help customers understand how to implement them within their organization,” remarks Malonzo. Figur8’s growth to 23 consultants and a run rate of $5 million in revenue in two years has built the confidence of the team to yield even more impressive results in the future. “We look forward to constantly innovating along with the Salesforce platform to achieve 100 percent growth as an organization in the coming years,” ends Malonzo.

Figur8 Cloud Solutions

San Francisco, CA

Richard Lockson and Ojay Malonzo, Co-Founder & Partner

A premier and certified SalesforceCloud Alliance Partner offering strategic consulting, implementation, and development services to clients.