FileLEAP: Revolutionizing Document Management

Sassan Parinejad, Co-Founder
‘Antiquated and cumbersome’ is how Marie Northrup, VP Information Technology, YMCA of Greater Rochester describes the state of document management system in her organization was fifteen years ago. When YMCA decided to automate and systemize document management, against the pressing need to equip administrators with innovative products and services, their in-depth market search came to an end with FileLEAP. A prominent document management solutions provider, FileLEAP came as a boon for YMCA with its powerful browser-based document imaging system—DocSurfer. “Our forte lies in offering stable, secure, and usable document management software to organizations of all sizes at an affordable price,” states Sassan Parinejad, co-founder of FileLEAP.

The success story of YMCA of Greater Rochester, a large charitable youth development firm working with FileLEAP has an inspiring edge. “It's been over fifteen years since we successfully deployed DocSurfer,” says Marie. “Back then managing imaging system was a tedious task.” YMCA had about 2300 to 3200 employees and they used manual timesheets to track attendance, employees, and their tasks. With over 2300 documents piling up every week, relying on the traditional, outdated timesheets often led to human errors. The issue was that the timesheets were gathered from different branches, located at various places, and then all the details had to be centralized and stored in one large file cabinet, which finally occupied a large office space. Every time they needed a document they had to manually retrieve it, which was time-consuming and required more effort to track, find, and secure the information. With DocSurfer, YMCA was able to build intuitive, multi-departmental electronic filing and retrieval solutions that allowed them to quickly access the information needed. YMCA not only saved plenty of time and space but also human resources.

Established in 2001, FileLEAP stepped into the business scene with a mission to improve the ways in which organizations process the data contained in the documents. Built on cloud with industry standard that meet modern requirements, DocSurfer allows organizations to efficiently capture, transact, index, and retrieve documents.

Our forte lies in offering stable, secure, and usable document management software to organizations of all sizes at an affordable price

“Our DMS system can be installed both locally on customers’ own servers as well as on a private cloud service,” says Parinejad.

With DocSurfer, organizations can automate all the tedious manual tasks such as tracking attendance, work hours, payments, and more. FileLEAP also simplifies the document retrieval process by allowing users to search and retrieve documents by keywords, notes, or by the content of the document itself from anywhere and anytime. DocSurfer automatically indexes all the words in documents such as Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, e-mails, text files, and even scanned documents by taking advantage of optical character recognition (OCR) technology. One of the key benefits of DocSurfer is that it can accommodate any file type be it scanned documents, images, word-processing documents, or spreadsheets, DocSurfer spans it all. Integrated with advanced technologies like AI, DocSurfer allows users to transition to a virtual electronic filing environment that matches their paper-based filing system. When it comes to security, DocSurfer lets administrators assign access to authorized people.

Having carved a niche in the document management sector, FileLEAP is poised for a bright future. FileLEAP is all set to release an appliance version of DocSurfer in the coming year, at an extremely affordable price while adding many new features to make it more of an office automation tool. “We have already added the ability to create or edit MS Word documents and Excel spreadsheets without the need to install Microsoft Office,” concludes Parinejad.


Boston, MA

Sassan Parinejad, Co-Founder

FileLEAP offers DocSurfer, a groundbreaking document management solution that easily and efficiently integrates with industry applications