Cloud ERP for the Modern Era

Jeremy Roche, President & CEO
By 2016, heavily customized ERP implementations will be routinely referred to as "legacy ERP," Gartner stated in its report – Predicts 2014: The Rise of the Postmodern ERP and Enterprise Applications World. Today, cloud ERP providers such as are rapidly gaining market share due to the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and accessibility of their solutions. Yet, with so many options to choose from, executives and IT decision-makers are quickly realizing that cloud ERP solutions are, in fact, not created equally.

Founded in 2009, backed by UNIT4 and Salesforce,’s vision is to build ERP solutions for the modern age. From day one, the company has committed to building applications on the Salesforce1 Platform, to create one truly unified view of the front- and back-office. Today, FinancialForce. com boasts a comprehensive ERP portfolio with 22 applications, from financial management, professional services automation, and human capital management to supply chain management.

Jeremy Roche, President and CEO of, believes is clearly differentiated from the rest of the pack of cloud ERP providers. Roche explains that some cloud ERP providers simply furnish their existing systems in a hosted environment and re-label their solutions as “cloud ERP,” ultimately providing a disservice to their clients and the industry.

“ has never been an on-premise solution who chose to move to cloud. We were mobile and social from day one. Combining the powers of cloud, social, and mobile gave us a great platform for building a completely new iteration. We wanted to shake-up the ERP field,” adds Roche.

“Our customers are able to view everything from sales pipeline, financial data, billing and contract status, to resource needs with one single sign-on, from anywhere, even using a mobile device,” says Roche, describing’s unified platform approach. “Businesses gain a competitive advantage by having this continuous insight into the entire customer journey at every touch point. It allows better customer service, smarter business planning and stronger crossdepartmental collaboration.”

Roche also highlighted that because the company’s ERP applicationsare built on the Salesforce1 Platform,“we ensure that our applications are immediately developed to include platform innovations from Salesforce, allowing our customers to take advantage of new capabilities from wearable interfaces to advanced analytics.”
This includes the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, an analytics and intelligence platform that applications easily interact with, allowing customers to quickly evaluate and visualize their business data.

We ensure that our applications are immediately developed to include platform innovations from Salesforce, allowing our customers to take advantage of new capabilities from wearable interfaces to advanced analytics

Further, applications are built from the ground up to maximize mobile and social collaboration. From receiving a sales update notification on a user’s watch to checking financial dashboards on-the-go, to using Chatter and other social features to instantly provide feedback on a co-worker, FinancialForce ERP provides flexibility and instant results. customers, including Jacobus Consulting, a health care advisory firm, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, have demonstrated growth and business success using FinancialForce ERP. Like many businesses, Jacobus Consulting previously relied on manual and on-premise solutions such as Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks to manage most of its ERP for years. These solutions were hampering its ability to accurately identify what was happening in its business and market, as well as compelling its talented employees to spend time on tedious manual tasks. Committed to transforming its business, Jacobus who was already familiar with the Salesforce ecosystem, implemented FinancialForce ERP and instantly noticed results that ranged from lower implementation costs, easier information flow between HR, Finance and Sales, and increased customer satisfaction. Today, serves customers from small to mid-sized businesses to large enterprises including HP, AECOM, Lexmark and Seagate.

CloudERP vendors are quickly changing the industry by offering companies much more intuitive experiences and more tangible benefits than ever before, and providers like are proof that single-platform, natively built cloud ERP systems are the way of the future.


San Francisco, CA

Jeremy Roche, President & CEO

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