finEngine: Mastering Trade through Cutting Edge Analytics

Md Azam, President
From the outset, Wall-Street veteran and technology expert, Md Azam, has led finEngine to deliver solutions that are at the intersection of finance and advanced analytics technology. With the finger on the pulse of the financial services industry, Azam says, “We have developed our solutions diligently to help traders target the right customers, time trades, and handle transactions cost-effectively while maintaining a high level of compliance and transparency.” Over the years, the company’s solutions have played a leading role in assessing transaction costs, analyzing routing of trade orders and benchmarking single stock and basket trades. Leveraging specialized hardware and in-memory computing, the company’s solutions tackle latency issues and support parallel data processing to enable faster delivery of analytical and financial data. Their recent offering dubbed the Edge Suite unleashes the power of predictive analytics simplifying both buy-side and sell-side operations. “The Edge Suite enables traders and investment firms to execute orders while complying with the evolving compliance regulations,” says Azam.

finEngine’s Edge Suite infuses transparency between buy-side and sell-side desks. Its order management system/execution management systems (OMS/EMS) agnostic insights facilitate analysis of pre-trade conditions, relative market performance, and financial transactions at the individual level. Before trading, traders can gauge timing risk, market impact, ideal routing, and potential transaction and commission costs. Utilizing predictive insights for alternative trading system (ATS)/darkpool liquidity, they can maximize the utility of trading via darkpool/ATS liquidity providers. The Edge Suite ensures high success rate of Indication of Interests (IOIs) by utilizing algorithmic analysis of historical trades combined with SEC’s holding data—the combination of this data allows estimates of which institutions have the highest likelihood of execution.

With transactional cost analytics (TCA) and Single Stock Analysis (SSA) modules, the suite empowers traders to monitor and aggregate cost and client commission in real time. Further, built-in tools help traders determine transactional cost and commission costs for orders of any size and comprehensive analysis of these costs allows clients to attribute profitability to exchanges and customers.

Edge Suite enables traders and investment firms to execute orders while complying with the evolving compliance regulations

finEngine processes customers' trading data to display customized breakdowns based on customer’s needs. The solution presents a real-time view of executed trades, P&L, venue cost, and customer costs. Real-time market data in combination with customer data drives post-trade analytics. The assorted post-trade data is helpful in analyzing trades with respect to multiple parameters such as individual trades, trade strategy, time horizon, exchange liquidity, overall trading desk performance, and complete company-wide performance. In addition, the platform can also identify shortfall of executed orders and it can recommend changes in trade strategy or algorithm aggressiveness/timing.

The workforce at finEngine undertakes extensive research on the latest technologies to enhance their offerings. Powered by modern technology, clients are in a better position to rank customers, prioritize the most profitable relationship, and leverage execution side tools for reducing cost and improving order execution quality. In the journey so far, finEngine has applied the power of its cutting-edge platform to inject cost-effectiveness in trading operations of their clients. On behalf clients, finEngine has analyzed numerous trade parameters such as execution cost, stock exchanges involved in trade execution, and verified the trade orders that were forwarded to darkpools. By utilizing finEngine optimized order processing clients can expect significant savings in various aspects of trading costs.

From optimizing investment decisions to injecting transparency in trading transactions, finEngine has transformed the conventional financial processes remarkably. Moving ahead, the company looks forward to enhancing their software framework, sharpen predictive analytics capabilities, and incorporate consolidated audit trail tools (CAT).


Warrenville, IL

Md Azam, President

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