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Laura Deutschman, Founder, and CEO
“Through my experience working with credit unions and banks of various sizes; I found there is a need for affordable technology solutions, especially for financial institutions in the small to mid-sized range,” says Laura Deutschman, Founder, and CEO of Finovative Technologies.

Extending a helping hand to these institutions is Tallahassee-based Finovative Technologies, which offers a host of services that range from financial, technological solutions to growth strategies.

The firm anticipates every need by building a customized, 360-degree experience model to incorporate right fit technology partnerships and growth strategies that provide a service excellence experience for the member, staff, and organization.

Recently, Laura was hired as a conversion support consultant to help one of the company’s banking clients that’s going through a core and digital banking conversion. To create new capabilities and competencies for the client, “We are implementing a strong digital banking strategy that connects with customers and data analytics to enhance behavior anticipation to serve needs,” remarks Laura. Since the client was already going through a vendor change, this had to be done while making improvements simultaneously.

Finovative Technologies helps its clients to incorporate right fit technology partnerships and growth strategies. Contract and due diligence reviews are necessary to minimize risk and ensure that financial institutions are meeting compliance regulatory standards. Recently Finovative Technologies assisted a credit union client through an NCUA exam by writing policies, procedures and performing risk analysis for all e-commerce services.

“We work closely with clients to provide management consulting in an advisory role to help with all aspects of the financial institution. We are most frequently assisting clients with writing Strategic Technology Plans which compliments corporate strategy to provide growth for the financial institution,” states Laura.

We combine data analytics, digital marketing and digital banking strategies so that clients can visualize reporting metrics and anticipate consumer behaviors.

Finovative Technologies has an experienced and diverse workforce with an average of fifteen years in corporate and technology planning for financial institutions, fintechs and vendor companies. “Our team understands the needs of banks and credit unions. Most of our consultants have also had senior management experience at financial institutions ,” mentions Laura.

Our consultants identify the exact needs of the client and formulate a customized strategy around the financial institution’s technology and business goals. The team provides support for major and ancillary technology platforms. After a thorough assessment of the client’s systems, the team then develops a Technology Plan and project plan to work alongside the client throughout the projects.

Data Analytics and Digital Marketing Strategies are also prime areas of focus for Finovative Technologies. “We combine data analytics, digital marketing and digital banking strategies so that clients can visualize reporting metrics and anticipate consumer behaviors,” explains Laura. This helps clients develop a better understanding of customer requirements and, in turn, provide best fit products and services.

Finovative Technologies will continue to strive towards providing the datathat drives high performance. With Laura’s experts alongside, all asset size financial institutions will be able to measure and experience results in the form of growth.

Finovative Technologies

Tallahassee, Florida

Laura Deutschman, Founder, and CEO

A FinTech Service Organization dedicated to helping credit unions and banks with strategic, financial technology solutions and growth strategies.

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