Fiorano: An Integrated Approach for Efficient API Management

Atul Saini, CEO
With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) and smart enterprise applications, there has been an influx of device-related Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to help organizations cope with rapidly evolving business environments. Today, companies plan to make money out of all the information they own as ‘monetization’ of APIs is also turning out to be a major target for them. Consequently, organizations are in pursuit of up-to-date protocols such as MQTT, CoAP, and open standard formats like JSON to fulfill the increased requisite for API management systems and integration with Big Data technologies. In such a scenario, organizations need to build robust, agile, cacheable and secure APIs to perform agile adaptations, providing complete visibility to their customers. Helping companies overcome this predicament, Fiorano provides digital business backplane and enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging and peer-to-peer distributed systems for increasing operational efficiency.

The Palo Alto-based company empowers real-time, digital enterprises with a bimodal integration and API management strategy to deliver solutions across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Fiorano’s API management platform delivers security and monitoring capabilities to asses API performance, along with metering and management capabilities. “Our API management platform provides an appropriate blend of pre-built policies and extensibility for easily developing APIs,” says Atul Saini, CEO, Fiorano.

The platform performs manifold functionalities such as building simplified APIs, providing proxies on top of existing APIs, client management, automated creation, and deployment of relevant artifacts. “Our platform is built in an extensible manner, so that any custom protocols and formats can be easily integrated with it and used like any other prebuilt feature,” elucidates Saini.Fiorano’s platform also incorporates a management server that serves as the repository and controller for the platform while the runtime is handled by one or multiple gateway servers clustered as environments. The analytics information from gateway servers is collected by the integrated management server through a reliable Java Message Service (JMS) channel, even in times when the management server is down.
Moreover, all the security-related lookups at runtime are formulated from a Big Data (Cassandra) server tuned for efficient read performance.

Fiorano API management has helped several organizations to reap ROI maximization and rapid development of APIs. The platform can also be effortlessly used with visual debugging capabilities, hence reducing the time to develop complex APIs significantly. “The combined efforts of Fiorano’s API management and Microservices platform can transform an organization’s crude information into a set of meaningful APIs,” affirms Saini. He goes on to say, “The whole platform is extremely scalable which means one can start with a small set of APIs and build them incrementally based on the needs.”

Our API management platform provides an appropriate blend of prebuilt policies and extensibility for easily developing APIs

With its distinct expertise in API management, Fiorano has assisted several companies in attaining higher profitability, equitable growth, optimization of available resources, and easy extensibility. One of the company’s unique ideologies is their ability to adapt quickly to changing customer requirements and deliver high quality products. Besides, the internal team at Fiorano provides additional consultancy services to quickly resolve issues encountered by customers.

Fiorano is currently molding completely customizable developer portals based on Drupal, REST APIs to access analytics, service dependency tracking, and Big Data for analytics. Moving ahead, the company plans to create Mobile-Backend-as-a- Service (MBaaS) to provide enhanced user management, push notifications for mobile and web application developers.


Palo Alto, CA

Atul Saini, CEO

Provider of digital business backplane and enterprise integration middleware, high performance messaging and peer-to-peer distributed systems to organizations