FireEye: Innovative Security Services to Combat Cyber Threats

David G. Dewalt, CEO
Cyber Security industry is increasingly adopting latest trends and techniques to counter the ever growing modern adversaries. This is the result of numerous high-profile attacks over the biggest organizations, compromising millions of employees and data, trade secrets and even military and nuclear information. CIO’s are increasingly tasked to find an alternative to traditional security solutions which the new-age adversaries are adept at bypassing. Gradationally, CIOs are looking towards FireEye for making their data, network and trade secrets secure. The company employs an Adaptive Defense Model which is an information security program that blocks and identifies never-seen malware and protects the organization against cyber attacks. "Our security model can be easily implemented in any firm. We partner with organizations to address the threats they are facing from today's more sophisticated and resourceful cyber criminals," says Chairman and CEO, Dave Dewalt, FireEye. “Our Adaptive Defense is a new approach to cyber security that delivers technology, expertise, and intelligence in a unified, nimble framework.”

Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, FireEye's innovative security products act like defense mechanism for firms. Network Security (NX), a key weapon in FireEye’s arsenal, serves as a protection device for companies by blocking malicious files and thereby prevents the exploitative attempts of hackers. “NX enable organizations to prevent, detect, and respond to network-based zero day exploit attempts, web drive-by downloads, and advanced malware that routinely bypass conventional signature-reliant defenses,” explains DeWalt.

In addition to NX, FireEye offers a range of products aimed at enabling company’s security architecture adapt to prevent today’s cyber attacks. For example, to tackle email Spear Phishing attacks FireEye’s Email Security Products (EX Series and ETP) are potent set of tools. “By detonating and analyzing suspicious email attachments and embedded URLs, and blocking anything malicious, organizations can prevent, detect, and respond to email-based cyber attacks.
FireEye also provides anti-virus and anti-spam protection through Email Threat Prevention (ETP) in the cloud,” says DeWalt. Furthermore, FireEye’s File Content Security (FX Series) detects and blocks the information from outside source by scanning internal files that contains malicious content, thus averting risk involved in sharing of files online. The offerings by FireEye run multiple versions of Windows OSs, browsers and plug-ins, each in its own virtual machine. The appliance’s virtual machines represent various service pack levels of Windows 7 and Windows XP, along with many combinations of browser and Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight versions. “Mac support will soon be available for our appliances,” notes DeWalt. FireEye has also developed a new approach called “FireEye as a Service” in order to enable companies combat constantly changing cyber threat environment. It works as part of FireEye’s clients existing cyber security infrastructure, continuously monitoring and poised for immediate response.

NX enable organizations to prevent, detect, and respond to network-based zero day exploit attempts, web drive-by downloads, and advanced malware that routinely bypass conventional signaturereliant defenses

Going Forward, FireEye’s next mission is to expand its footprint in the IoT segment where it can provide internal security to internet-connected devices like thermostats, lighting fixtures, automobiles, and smart phones. DeWalt says, "In IoT-related security, FireEye has focused on infrastructure side which is going to change in future.” The company will soon launch security operations in Japan, Germany and Middle East.


Milpitas, CA

David G. Dewalt, CEO

Provides automated threat forensics and dynamic malware protection against advanced cyber threats.