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Grace Rupple, SVP
The dependence of today’s business on innovation and rapid product delivery is a truth accepted by every enterprise. The automation and streamlining of business processes can augment workflow and yield results differing exponentially. To fulfill the same, shifting informal systems like spreadsheet based reporting to integrated Business Process Management (BPM) solutions can be the silver lining for organizations. While emphasizing on productivity, CIOs also face difficulties in offering BPM solutions for execution of complex compliance processes. In an effort to streamline business processes, First Preston HT, an IT services company, delivers Workflow Management Platform incorporated with features such as configurable rules, scalable framework and automated notifications. “Our solution simplifies rules-based workflow for automating and streamlining end-to-end processing with real-time communication between all parties throughout the process,” says Grace Rupple, Senior VP, First Preston HT.

Workflow Management is a robust collaborative platform which uses an online wizard concept for guiding the user to enter only information required based on their previous responses. “The offering has the capacity to manage the most complex business processes with an increasing number of tasks running in parallel while providing real-time oversight,” says Rupple. The solution has a core element, Critical Path which is configured to depict process steps which are executed in a sequential order. “Each step within the workflow process is configured with an elapsed time and defined triggers which automate movement to the next sequential step in the Critical Path,” states Rupple.

First Preston HT leverages ‘building block’ concept in its framework to enable high level of reusability, thereby, delivering flexibility and cost-effective solution. With this approach, the company enhances its inventory of re-usable components for quicker delivery of custom BPM solutions. “We don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, so, where it makes sense, we use third party tools for electronic signature, redaction and business intelligence in our custom solutions,” says Rupple.

Each step within the workflow process is configured with an elapsed time and defined triggers which automate movement to the next sequential step in the Critical Path

Rupple believes in incorporating latest trends like enabling the client
to configure solutions, a key factor to stay competitive. In response to this demand, the Texas based IT company provides soft configuration of solutions enabling its clients to configure user interface components such as layout, color palette, fonts and graphics, to visually achieve a level of brand conformity. “Focusing on our clients has enabled us to successfully expand our business with products and services that offer the marketplace compelling solutions to meet their BPM challenges,” says Rupple. For instance, a Federal agency manages its servicing policy with financial institutions providing property preservation services on assets associated with noncurrent loans. With First Preston HT Servicing Oversight Platform, the client noticed an 80 percent reduction in their servicer’s re-submission rate and their review response time. The automation of policy guidelines reduced servicing policy knowledge required by financial institutions to provide complete Property Preservation Requests. The solution also supports real-time communications and enables the agency and financial institutions to easily oversee the electronic process.

The company is launching a cloud platform to manage competition programs sponsored by academic institutions. From program administrators facilitating the competition and students submitting business plans to top business leaders serving as mentors and judges to evaluate written and oral presentations, the platform supports everyone involved in the competition. “Our ability to take complex situations and to simplify them while focusing on our client’s goals allows us to be the ‘problem solvers’ and ‘providers of solutions’ to our valued clients,” concludes Rupple.

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Grace Rupple, SVP

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