First Tier Technology: Simplifying Applications Management in Complex IT Ecosystems

Rohit Mathur, CEO
Today, enterprises rely on complex IT ecosystem to meet their mission-critical business objectives. The set of applications that constitute an IT ecosystem are not simply a group of independent applications; instead, they share complex inter-dependencies among them—usually integrated at a platform level instead of, at an application level. In this scenario, the Application Management (AM) factors like cost-reduction, risk minimization, standardization, compliance, and governance of applications play a crucial role in efficient functioning of IT infrastructure. First Tier Technology’s (FTT) groundwork initiates a strong methodology to review, validate, and define these processes to build a strong foundation for any AM project. “We have partnered with product companies and built in-house toolkits to assess, manage and deliver AM solutions successfully in large heterogeneous IT environments,” reveals Rohit Mathur, CEO, FTT.

According to Gartner, spending on operations usually takes up half the total IT budget, with much of the money going on support and maintenance. “FTT recognizes this hole that is burnt in the organization’s pocket and therefore, we provide the focus and intellectual effort to build and support applications at a fraction of comparative internal costs,” declares Mathur. The CEO says that the company has a phased approach to handling multiple projects and institutional knowledge is never lost when teams transition through projects.

FTT supports solutions implemented using relational and big databases, Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), and Business Intelligence offered by the likes of Relational, Hadoop db’s, Qlik, Tableau, Spotfire, and Kautilya. The company’s core technology expertise in building proprietary systems and managing them has helped it expand knowledge into these software areas as well, broadening their support base.

FTT’s objective is to simplify processes, and provide direct, immediate information, and analytics, relevant to the decision makers. FTT builds cross-platform solutions and specializes in converting disparate data into actionable intelligence. FTT is enabling management to get the right information, without worrying about which system in their organization holds that information.

FTT has partnered with product companies and built in-house tool-kits to assess, manage and deliver successfully in large heterogeneous environments and diverse systems

FTT works extensively in the financial industry, which is undergoing tremendous regulatory changes, especially with Dodd Frank, Volcker rule and Basel III. The need to capture more information, in larger volumes and having the ability to analyze it, is driving a lot of initiatives. In addition to FTT’s core technology teams developing risk and regulatory software platforms, FTT is also working with big data and leading Business Intelligence vendors. FTT has products and solutions for analytics in the risk and regulatory space and continues to innovate.

A banking client required FTT to develop analytics of their branch’s performance. Due to their growth, they aggregated massive data, some of it redundant, stacked away in disparate systems. FTT developed a system including mapping and translations, combined with an Analytic tool to provide extensive analysis around performance of their branches, accounts, loans and collateral. This enabled them to reduce costs and focus resources effectively.

FTT builds partnerships with upcoming technology startups. The company has invested in training their staff and has an innovation center to evaluate the most promising tools and technologies and fosters a close relationship between sales and technology teams. With a large number of applications moving to the cloud, FTT is looking at the future, and evaluating solutions to monitor and maintain complex cloud environment for efficient usage.

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Rohit Mathur, CEO

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