Fischer Identity: Rethinking Identity with Future-Oriented Technology

Andrew Sroka, President and CEO
An organization’s destiny in today’s world, to a large extent, is determined by the security measures it erects. While rapidly changing technology and industry trends continue lending the whole security narrative a new definition and make the job tougher, a relative domain, identity and access management (IAM), receives its own share of additional challenges arising from events such as mergers and acquisitions and new people regularly entering the workforce. Amidst numerous players in the space that now promise to deliver the best-in-breed solutions, Fischer Identity stands out for being one of the few companies that started to offer IAM solutions on the nascent cloud technology in as early as 2005. The company further cements its position in the market by being the only IAM solution provider that offers its software without any need for programming and with no-cost upgrades.

Based in Naples, Fischer started its journey with mainframe control systems and mainframe security products. Traditionally identified as a vendor catering to higher education institutions, today it caters to a broader base of organizations including Fortune 500 manufacturing and Fortune 100 household products companies, petrochemical companies, hospice providers, and other multinational entities. In addition to a robust solutions portfolio, it is Fischer’s unique market approach which contrasts it in the market. Adding that IAM implementations are not something most organizations wish to revisit frequently, Andrew Sroka, President and CEO of the firm says, “We offer solutions that are not only easily deployable but also extensive and highly scalable to accommodate evolving requirements of an organization.”

“Our Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) suite has four main modules, the first of which provides deep invasive provisioning to or from any target,” he adds. The Password Management module, a major line of defense in most companies, is also a primary focal point for Fischer. This includes standard password management, self-service kiosk, self-claiming password reset, and automated password recovery which collectively not only protect client information but also provide a quicker return on investment.

We offer solutions that are not only easily deployable but also extensive and highly scalable so as to accommodate evolving requirements of an organization

The Access Governance module helps clients retain control of the business environment and maintain conformance with established controls. Fischer also helps clients retain control over their business environment with an Authentication Module that includes measures like Single Sign-on (SSO) and robust multifactor authentication.

While a significant number of organizations today have home-grown solutions to satisfy their security needs, many of these solutions tend to degenerate over time. Fischer Identity came across this issue when Baylor University sought to replace its home-grown identity and management solution so that the resources being spent in its upkeep could be redirected elsewhere. Within eight weeks, Fischer had replaced the old platform with a suitable solution that met Baylor’s security and IAM related goals. The solution’s operational efficiency enabled Baylor to address several projects lingering from the past.

In the near future, Fischer Identity seeks to extend IAM as an easy to use commodity service which augments time-to-value and comes armed with modularity. Its long-term goals revolve around the creation of enhanced products which effectively address the challenges organizations face while creating a consolidated security module by including features to increase compliance and address regulatory issues. The organization seeks to walk the tightrope between predicting the future of IGA technologies and constantly evolve itself to meet new security challenges efficiently.

Fischer Identity

Naples, FL

Andrew Sroka, President and CEO

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