FitForCommerce: Expertise Helping Retailers Accelerate Growth

Bernardine Wu, Founder and CEO
Playing competitive sports taught Bernardine Wu the critical importance of preparation in order to win. Drive and ability are essential but, without hard work and diligence, success will not be achieved. That is the motivation behind the launch of her eCommerce consultancy, FitForCommerce. “Our mission is to be ‘trusted advisors’ to our clients, helping with everything they need to grow their business and make smart investment decisions,” says Wu, Founder and CEO of FitForCommerce.

With the retail industry moving towards new digital and omnichannel strategies, Wu says that the key challenge is to make efficient and effective market-based decisions. Today, the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are getting smarter about integrating online efforts with their physical outlets. They are leveraging digital and web-based services to improve their efficiency. “Our offerings include overall omnichannel strategy – merchandising, marketing, technology, customer experience, operations, finance, and organizational design. We also help with research and analysis, directorial planning and technology-oriented decisions – whatever you need for digital success,” explains Wu.

FitForCommerce’s eCommerce Diligence methodology, based on due diligence and decisionmaking, ensures rigorous evaluation and knowledge-based decisions. The program assists in aligning the business objectives, performing competitive analysis, defining functional necessities, and prioritizing strategy requirements. “eCommerce Diligence is our unique and rigorous approach to investment decisions and execution,” says Wu.

Wu compares the importance of leveraging a consulting expert to having a coach in sports. “Just like a coach, we help our clients build a winning team and execute the right strategy,” says Wu. FitForCommerce’s team is comprised of former multichannel practitioners with hands-on experience, which is their biggest asset and stands them apart from their counterparts.
“We really value the ‘power the team’- where every consultant is backed up by our whole team so we can really leverage all of our combined expertise.” she adds. With this, FitForCommerce successfully provides tactical, actionable, and “best fit” solutions for their customers.

eCommerce Diligence is our unique and rigorous approach to investment decisions and execution

FitForCommerce’s clientele ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies, from hard goods manufacturers to luxury apparel retailers. One client, a large national retailer with a strong digital presence, approached FitForCommerce to define their eCommerce strategy. “We worked on a complete omnichannel strategy, focusing on elements like marketing, technology, operations, research, customer experience, and organizational behavior to create a clear roadmap for an effective omnichannel experience,” explains Wu. “After following our recommendations, the client had a strong plan for the future and was successful in receiving their next level of funding."

To further prepare for the inevitable change in retail, FitForCommerce is exploring more innovative programs to serve their clients better. “Staying on top of the industry is our ‘day job’. We are initiating more thought leadership programs and leveraging our significant knowledge base”, says Wu. “We are also working on a global expansion plan,” she adds. Since eCommerce allows international businesses to enter the U.S. market, Wu determines that only a healthy strategy can make the retailers forge ahead in this competitive market. “We are just at the right place, with the right team of experts, to be a perfect ‘FIT’ for any eCommerce advice – as the company's name symbolizes,” concludes Wu.


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Bernardine Wu, Founder and CEO

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