FIVE9: Engaging Customer Experiences Powered by Cloud

Rowan Trollope, CEO It’s 12:30 pm in a call center in Toronto. Signing in from his laptop, one of the sales executives sees an intuitive agent interface on a web browser and begins his first call for the day. Through the interface, he answers, transfers, and enables conference calls— without a phone line as calls are routed through the client’s internet connection. And while this happens, a “lead record” is pulled up, and the history of the client flashes on the screen—building a two-way discussion that fosters an engaged customer relationship. The call center is powered by Five9, a best-in-class provider of cloud software for the enterprise contact center market. Needless to say, there is a clear rationale why prestigious firms such as Siemens, Netsuite, and Citrix engage with Five9.

The company integrates Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and predictive, progressive, power, and preview dialing in its Virtual Contact Center (VCC) platform to create successful customer interactions while increasing contact center productivity. Through its platform, Five9 delivers great customer experience whether it is customer service, sales or other call center applications.

Built in the Cloud

Five9 provides a suite of applications that enable the breadth of contact center-related customer service, sales and marketing functions through their purpose-built Virtual Contact Center (VCC) cloud platform and applications. This allows the simultaneous management and optimization of customer interactions across voice, chat, e-mail, Web, social media and mobile channels—either directly or through its APIs. The VCC cloud platform matches each customer interaction with an appropriate agent resource and delivers relevant customer data to the agent in real-time through integrations with adjacent enterprise applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, to optimize the customer experience and agent productivity.

The solution is delivered through a SaaS-based business model with recurring subscriptions based primarily on the number of agent seats and minutes of usage of solution, as well as the specific functionalities and applications its clients deploy. Clients are enabled to deploy agent seats in any geographic location with a computer, headset, and broadband Internet connection, and adjust the number of contact center agent seats in response to changing business requirements. They can handle their inbound customer engagement through Five9’s VCC cloud platform.

Five9 provides a suite of applications that enable the breadth of contact center-related customer service, sales and marketing functions through their purpose-built Virtual Contact Center (VCC) cloud platform and applications

Furthermore, the platform includes a full-featured Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that allows clients to provide a self-service capability and to automatically determine the customer intent and identify the type of resource to handle the customer enquiry—delivering a comprehensive cloud software solution for contact centers.

A Prevailing Solution

Five9’s solution enables consumers to engage through voice, video, website, mobile, chat, e-mail, click-to-call, callback, social and messaging—delivering complete end-to-end capabilities. The company provides real-time supervisor tools to monitor and manage agent performance and call flows. In addition, a suite of configurable management reports is brought to the table which enables the clients to manage the end-to-end performance of the contact center operations.

For clients preferring the agents or sales representatives work within the CRM desktop, Five9 offers pre-built integrations with providers of CRM systems. Its solution provides soft-phone and telephony capabilities within the CRM desktop, and routes each customer interaction to an appropriate agent resource—providing visibility into call routing, queues, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), workflow management, utilization, campaign statistics and agent productivity.

Five9’s Outbound Contact Center application enables its clients to manage the efficiency and productivity of outbound contact center agents. It provides both inbound and outbound capabilities on a single platform to unify contact center operations and enable end-to-end customer engagement through its Blended Contact Center. Its multichannel applications are powered by a set of technologies, Five9 Connect. These technologies include a Natural Language Processing (NLP)—an engine that filters and categorizes interactions, eliminate spam and determine sentiment. Based on clients’ set of business policies and needs, its solution provides productive multichannel engagement by offering agents sentiment analysis, clustering, trending topics and relevance.
In addition, Five9 Connect powers agent assistance tools to help agents resolve issues.

What makes the firm’s solution even more powerful is Five9 Social which brings social customer care and lead generation into an organization’s contact center. Five9 social solution routes, tracks, and reports on agent performance in responding to social media posts. Five9 Social’s Chat feature allows live consumer-to-agent chat from mobile or web devices, while the Visual IVR feature provides mobile customer care for customers. It allows clients to develop an IVR script once and deploy it on multiple touch-points, including mobile devices and websites.

From one Veteran to Another

It was on May 1st, 2018 that the cloud contact center software leaders for the digital enterprise appointed Rowan Trollope as its new CEO. A former SVP & General Manager of Cisco’s Applications Group, he would be growing the lineage that Mike Burkland, the former CEO had built over the years. “I am absolutely thrilled that Rowan will be our next CEO,” says Burkland. “Rowan is a proven superstar and one of Silicon Valley’s most sought-after executives. He is a seasoned veteran with an extensive track record of creating value, driving innovation and scaling large technology organizations. Rowan’s valuable domain experience in cloud technologies and thea contact center market will be a huge benefit to Five9 and we’re really fortunate to gain a leader with his experience, talent and vision. In addition, I believe Rowan has the right character and personality traits to carry on our unique and thriving culture at Five9.”

"Five9 is well-positioned to continue expanding into the enterprise market in the years ahead"

Trollope has over 25 years of management experience—most recently, as a key member of the CEO’s Executive Leadership Team at Cisco, where he led the Applications Group, a $5 billion business. He joined Cisco in 2012 to lead the Collaboration Technology Group. During his tenure, his team reinvented Cisco’s Collaboration business, pivoting to a SaaS model and making design, simplicity and exponential improvement the guiding principles of product development. As a result, the business returned to growth - with recurring revenue growing in the double digits, margins expanding significantly, market share increasing, and leading Cisco’s shift to recurring revenue. All-excited about his new role, he mentions, “Mike has done a tremendous job building the company into a leading provider of cloud contact center software. Thanks to Mike and his leadership, Five9 is well-positioned to continue expanding into the enterprise market in the years ahead. Five9 is a unique opportunity for me to join a market leader with strong momentum in a large market undergoing a shift to the cloud. I look forward to working with the Five9 team to take the company to the next level.”


San Ramon, CA

Rowan Trollope, CEO

Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact center software, bringing the power of the cloud to thousands of customers