Flamingo: Delivering Individualized Customer Experiences

With the advent of social media and technologies that facilitate real-time interactive feedback, building customer relationships and delivering rich customer experience is today easier than ever before. “Customers have an increased level of power and influence on businesses today,” says Dr Catriona Wallace, Founder, Flamingo. “Customers want to have individualized experiences.” This scenario has led organizations across verticals to search for viable partners that can help them produce better customer experience. This is where Flamingo comes in. Flamingo provides a cloud-based platform to businesses that are striving to deliver individual experiences for customers. This platform allows individual customers and employees to meet in a digital portal where the customer can design the experience they want, within the parameters the business can deliver. Analytics then determines the best customer journeys and can automate them. “Flamingo reduces customer retention costs by 50 percent and increases sales conversion rates by 20 to 30 percent,” asserts Wallace.

Flamingo can integrate into other CEM platforms and deliver context-rich customer journey data and customer profile data

With the understanding that clients are wrestling with the problem of not being able to have meaningful conversations with customers and the inability to carry out efficient exchange of information to and from the customer, Flamingo introduced its product—Journey Assist. This platform allows a conversation similar to the likes of a web chat, supported with pre-programmed best practice customer journey steps, based on Human Centered Design Principles. Employees use these steps to guide customers through the design of an experience in order to help the customer to buy a product or solve a problem. Businesses use Flamingo for customer acquisition and retention.

Flamingo’s experience configuration engine, Personalizer, enables customers to design their own experience through being presented with various options and features. “The customers have the power to decide
Dr, Catriona Wallace, Founder
how they want, not only their product, but their whole experience configured” says Wallace. The Journey Avatar product then enables the automation of customer journeys. “Our solution is a new generation Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform. It provides richer customer data than traditional CEM methods,” says Wallace. “Flamingo can integrate into other CEM platforms and deliver context-rich customer profile data and customer journey data into traditional CEM systems.”

One of Flamingo’s customers, a wealth management organization, chose Flamingo to carry out some of its financial planning activities. The customer wanted to provide Financial Planning advice around Wealth Management products to individual customers by collaborating with their intermediary accountants. Flamingo enables both the accountant and wealth manager to co-create experiences with a customer in one session in the portal. “Through the platform our client learned the best conversations and journeys for the customers around wealth management products. We will then automate some parts of the financial needs analysis process for wealth products,” says Wallace.

In the days to come, Flamingo aspires to roll out many solutions that will enable customers to be involved in designing experiences that will help in generating profits for businesses. The process of customers and employees generating richer experiences is called Value Co-creation and it is proving to be the way the successful organizations will behave in the future. Additionally, the company wants to be one of the first Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) players. “We want to enable customers to own, control and cast their own experience data to trusted organizations,” concludes Wallace.


Los Angeles, US

Dr, Catriona Wallace, Founder

A next generation CEM, cloud based and self-installed - enabling customers to configure the experiences they want,that the business can deliver