Fleetilla: Mapping Mobile Assets, Proffering Real-time Fleet Operation

With the world embracing an ‘always connected’ experience at various levels, businesses and the end-users are howling over the need for jet speed services. Logistics is not an exception. “With the advent of ideas such as Internet of Things and big data, there is an expectation that everything can be tracked, analyzed and accounted for, from anywhere and at anytime,” explains Pradeep P Kumar, CEO of Fleetilla, a worldwide provider of vehicle tracking, asset tracking, cloud-based GPS fleet management and other telematic solutions. This emerging need for robust and seamless real-time tracking is the master pain point that propels Fleetilla.

Accountability, visibility and internet-time service have become important yardsticks to evaluate any logistics provider. Data needs to be collected, stored and analyzed at every point, keeping in mind security and other concerns. Fleetilla serves as an answer to these expectations. “Logistics is all about managing the flow of assets strategically. Creative use of technologies that enhance asset visibility can give leaders within the logistics sector definite competitive edge. Our solutions are geared toward giving this ability to our customers,” exclaims Kumar.

Headquartered in Trenton, MI, Fleetilla was incorporated in the year 2000, with a vision to leverage the Internet for business-to-business transactions in the logistics sector. Few years down the line, its focus narrowed down to core elements in the vertical, specifically to providing tools for mobile and remote asset visibility. Since its inception, the company has been always committed to operate on the needs of traditional, operationally complex as well as challenging commercial customer base like construction, heavy equipment rental, oil field services, long haul trucking, etc. with integrated, robust, easy to use state-of-the-art technology solutions. Fleetilla’s customer-base consists of three key segments: (a) businesses located in North America who have a need to track and manage their assets (b) large enterprises, equipment rental companies, logistics software providers, cellular carriers, etc. who need to provide a unique and differentiated telematics solution to their customer base and (c) overseas solution providers who like to offer GPS fleet telematics solutions in a specific geography.

The company offers three primary solutions- ‘vehicle tracking and fleet management’, ‘trailer and asset tracking’ and ‘remote monitoring’. All three solutions work, in a layman process, of sending and receiving signals from field equipment wirelessly, and storing and analyzing this information. Hardware units containing a GPS receiver, cellular or satellite transmitter and optionally various sensor elements are installed in the customer’s equipment or site. GPS receivers compute vehicle/asset location and sensors collect data such as temperature of the cargo, fuel flow rate, engine diagnostic information, etc. This information is transmitted to a cloud-based server, using the cellular/satellite transmitters. Application residing in the cloud tabulate, analyze and display this information, along with various mapping/GIS information to end customers/subscribers.

We successfully compete in many price sensitive markets domestically and overseas, against lower cost products as our overall solution is robust, seamless and offers value for the end customer

‘Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management’ solutions target trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles. ‘Trailer and Asset Tracking’ solution provides location and other data pertaining to trailers, construction equipment, roll-off boxes, frac tanks, and other assets that may not have any built-in source of power. These solution work for extended periods (5-10 years) in challenging operational conditions (extreme cold, extreme heat, etc.) using internal, long-life batteries.
Pradeep P Kumar, CEO
‘Remote Monitoring’ is about collecting sensor data (temperature, pressure, level, engine diagnostics, etc.) from both mobile assets and stationary locations.

Fleetilla’s cloud-based ‘FleetOrb’ platform is a powerful and easy-to-use application portal that its clients use for fleet and asset management. Built to leverage the latest cloud- based architectures this massively scalable platform is capable of handling continuous data streams from tens of thousands of sensors located all over the world. “We serve a very diverse customer base using a single, highly configurable, modern application stack. These architectural choices provide us operational advantages” Kumar says confidently. FleetOrb currently has English, Spanish and French versions. Another addon factor of the solution is FleetMOBI, an easy to use app available on the iOS and Android app stores.

Fleetilla’s clients derive many benefits from its solutions, such as (a) identify and curb the unproductive time spent during service delivery, (b) improve asset utilization and reduce working capital needs (c) provide accurate, accounting of service delivery to clients and (d) improve maintenance and reduce fleet operational costs. Many OEM telematics customers gain benefits such as (a) learn how their products are used by end customers (b) bill customers based of equipment usage and (c) provide a differentiated offering to end customers. The specific benefits o f deploying Fleetilla’s solutions depend on the configurations of the solution and the manner in which the customers are using them.

Fleetilla excels in designing its own hardware, firmware, wireless transmission schemes and cloud-based systems. “Telematics has many different components such as hardware, wireless, cloud application, mapping, etc. The ROI projections for telematics initiatives have always been compelling. However, many projects fail to realize the lofty expectations due to incompatibilities between various subsystems. A pretty report or a slick chart is useless if the underlying sensor elements and wireless schemes do not capture information reliably” explains Kumar. In order to overcome these hurdles, Fleetilla’s solutions are seamlessly, and vertically integrated. OEM telematics is an important segment for the company. Having control over the hardware, firmware, wireless and application, Fleetilla outshines others in quick-tailoring of solutions that are unique for OEM customers. “We successfully compete in many price sensitive markets domestically and overseas, against lower cost products as our overall solution is robust, seamless and offers value for the end customer,” exclaims Marty Rocca, Fleetilla's VP for Business Development Fleetilla has a long history of working with OEM partners such as cellular carriers, equipment rental companies, logistics software providers, etc. to offer tailored solutions for specific industry verticals.

Talking about a case study on how Fleetilla uniquely aided one of its clients, Kumar counts onto a large port operation in West Africa that had an issue with standard mapping component of the systems they worked on. The satellite imagery was too cloudy for their area and the relevant road segments were not available in off-theshelf solutions. Fleetilla, heeding to the client requirements, created map layers by detailing a customized map created around their operational area. This was delivered using a cloud-based Content Delivery Network that did not require any local software installation and in fact, provided faster response times.

Going forward, the company sees significant opportunities overseas, as well as in many segments domestically. “We see huge opportunities in remote monitoring, IoT, big data analytics, enterprise mobility and other areas in which our skill-set is easily deployable,” concludes Kumar.


Trenton, MI

Pradeep P Kumar, CEO

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