Fletcher Group Automation: Driving Productivity through Automation

Andrew Fletcher, CEO
It’s all hands on deck for Fletcher Group Automation (FGA), designing automation projects and supplying workforce to American companies that are increasingly bringing the industrial production back to the U.S. FGA is assisting these companies increase the throughput by augmenting the quality and flexibility of their production lines. “As experts in the robotics and control systems domain, we realize that production plants today have to be heavily automated as quickly as possible to stay ahead in the market. Catering to these demands, we provide automation solutions that bring agility into the production lines,” says Andrew Fletcher, CEO, FGA.

“We don’t just automate at random, but assess a client’s existing production environment to understand its functionality and to zero in on the best course of action,” adds Fletcher. Through this structured Value Engineering and Lean/Six Sigma approach, they identify clients’ needs and develop software accordingly, which saves cost and unnecessary overhead. Subsequently, they deliver the right project assistance, from design to implementation of robotic solutions. With FGA, manufacturers automate repetitive tasks, integrate applications, and enhance communication between departments using common software throughout the organization with custom interfaces for each department. Their team can train client’s existing workforce to be more efficient with new technology besides supporting them with the additional workforce to carry out plant operations effectively.

FGA not only caters to production requirements but also supports other business areas, including finance, human resources, and engineering. Born out of the need to address the inconvenience in managing accounting in various client engagements, FGA has built a cloud-based solution that has struck the right chord with clients. The solution connects with an organization’s production units and provides accurate and real-time information related to personnel scheduling and project management to all stakeholders.
As the solution makes all mundane tasks redundant, it is being used by some Fortune 500 companies to build better communication channels between all departments. “Our next big step is to automate the communication between offices and factories to reduce human errors and ensure smooth operations,” says David Fletcher, President, and CFO.

Our team will train a client’s existing manpower to work smarter as well as supply additional workforce to effectively carry out plant operations

Over the last two years, FGA has been continually growing their expertise and capabilities to meet the rising automation requirements. A great example that explains Fletcher Group’s value proposition is when they assisted an automotive manufacturer to drive their productivity using existing systems. The client required faster and better automation to enhance the efficiency of its production line. FGA’s engineering team visited the client’s location, analyzed the existing automation, and identified areas to be reprocessed for optimizing the production plant. The team not only reprocessed the systems to optimize the plant but also verified the efficiency of the systems. The result was that the client was able to drastically increase their production throughput within the expected time span, with minimal downtime.

At present, FGA is continually expanding to meet the increasing automation needs in the industry. More specifically, in the areas of predictive maintenance using machine learning and business process automation, utilizing the structured Value Engineering process. This strategy will continue to identify areas of best value for money and savings for our clients.

Fletcher Group Automation

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Andrew Fletcher, CEO and David Fletcher, President & CFO

Provides automation solutions and technical expertise to drive the industrial production throughput

Fletcher Group Automation