Flexio: Revolutionizing ERP Software Architecture for Scalable Business Management

Adolfo Fabrega, CEO
The software system market has always been dominated by leading American and European software companies, offering everything from ERP, CRM, WMS, BI, and DMS solutions. In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift to a more predominant regional offering, resulting in a balanced market share. This market shift primarily resulted from better technology innovation and cloud solutions, allowing smaller players to enter the arena of competitive solutions, which was otherwise next to impossible.

Flexio is making a mark in the Latin American marketplace with its innovative Flexio ERP online platform. The company started as a consulting company specializing in ERP implementation project management. In 2014, Pensanomica shifted its focus to building out its own ERP software solution based on industry best practices. Soon, the Flexio platform gained traction as a leading user-friendly software in the LATAM region, widely leveraged by many companies in Panama and Central America and used by two of the ten largest companies in Panama.

“Our company offers a comprehensive and adaptable ERP solution to the LATAM region. The Flexio ERP platform is built using innovative technologies, allowing it to work in SaaS environments and undergo constant improvements. This further enables clients to continuously enhance their business processes,” states Adolfo Fabrega, CEO.

Over the years, Pensanomica has observed the ERP marketplace keenly and realized that most leading companies in Latin America find it challenging to keep up with legal and governmental regulations and requirements. However, having been in the software development and implementation arena has given the company an advantage in developing Flexio faster and as a go-to solution to automate any regulatory qualification, legal or fiscal requirement, or reporting structure.

The Flexio ERP platform is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows clients to make as many configurations as desired to their workflows. They can simulate their business scenarios to seamlessly automate their processes. In addition, this integrated solution encompasses all business applications and eliminates the need for third-party integrations or separate software. Flexio also comes in handy for clients looking to shift from an on-premise solution to the cloud, saving them the effort of administering multiple onpremise services and infrastructures. The Flexio ERP platform enables clients to have operational efficiency in their business processes and can be seamlessly implemented into their existing workflows.
It also allows them to work from any location and is well-aligned with remote and hybrid work scenarios.

Pensanomica has a specialized implementation team that allows clients to start using Flexio quickly and effectively. The company’s implementation methodology focuses on business scenarios, ensuring clients can work faster and with more controls while delivering top managerial analytics and information for improved decision-making.

The Flexio ERP platform is built using innovative technologies, allowing it to work in SaaS environments and undergo constant improvements. This further enables clients to continuously enhance their business processes

With the Flexio ERP solution, Pensanomica has successfully automated procurement workflows for construction clients and created online budget and expenditure comparisons to help them control costs and accelerate purchasing processes. This has given them a competitive edge and expanded their revenue and customer base. Pensanomica has also collaborated with clients in the rental industry, where its Flexio ERP platform has helped automate the rental contract management processes for faster-invoicing workflows. With this all-in-one solution, clients can ensure a faster delivery to their end customers and generate more information on rental assets. This has resulted in lower operational costs and higher yields.

Along with its innovative solution, Pensanomica specializes in offering consulting services to clients once they are onboarded to the Flexio platform. The company further assists them with data migration and operational efficiency, which ultimately leads to improved business processes. With such expansive capabilities, Pensanomica is positioned at the forefront of driving constant improvement in clients’ business operations by fostering a seamless online process. Looking ahead, the company will continue to improve its software solution and navigate clients toward better performance and added value with the Flexio ERP solution.


Panama City, Panama

Adolfo Fabrega, CEO

Pensanomica is a private company based in Panama City, Panama, focused on the development, sales, implementation and support of the Flexio ERP Platform. The company currently serves more than 90 customers in Panama including more than 20 of the largest companies in Panama.