Flexmind: Dynamic and Flexible Enterprise Application Systems

Eduardo Carneiro, CEO and Co-Owner
Today, most organizations are equipped with on premises enterprise software applications like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But the emergence of cloud, big data, and other major technological disruptions is changing the enterprise paradigm. Firms are being driven to evolve their legacy ERP and CRM systems into state-of-the-art infrastructures. “The technological advancements in Microsoft Dynamics allow it to be easily integrated with other platforms like Office 365. Dynamics also has the ability to combine applications on-premise or in the cloud,” begins Eduardo Carneiro, CEO and Co- Owner, Flexmind. The company supports enterprises in the implementation of Information Systems (IS) by understanding a client’s management processes, and bringing in the technologies that are necessary in realization of the IS.

“Flexmind creates and optimizes enterprise management systems that leverage applications like Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and Office 365,” affirms Carneiro. The company primarily focuses on incorporating ERP and modern day features like mobility, security, data, and Business Intelligence (BI) and helps improve productivity and performance. “Using our BI tools, customers can leverage data with decision support systems in order to capitalize, analyze, and anticipate better outcomes,” says Carneiro. Additionally, Flexmind develops applications that are easily portable to the cloud, through Microsoft’s platform, while maintaining a link to the customer’s back office. “We also help our clients control IS costs, improve security systems, and implement operational strategies,” states Carneiro.

Flexmind’s Connected Social Club (CSC) solution comprises Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM), Microsoft Social Engagement (MSE), and Power BI tools. CSC is dedicated to sports associations or clubs and allows them to understand their fans’ needs so that the sports club can better cater to them and improve the customer experience. Additionally, Flexmind provides a solution called Sentinel that is focused on customer care in Business to Business (B2B) markets.

Flexmind creates and optimizes enterprise management systems that leverage applications like Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and Office 365

Sentinel is used to manage Flexmind’s Flex’Care services and includes Dynamics CRM, Yammer, MDM, and Power BI tools. “We have the experience of providing support, services, and solutions to companies in more than 100 countries,” asserts Carneiro.

For instance, Flexmind’s customer, Oscaro, a provider of auto parts in the Business to Customer market, asked us to check the opportunity to migrate to a new version. Oscaro was running on Dynamics AX 2009 and wanted Flexmind to deliver a solution on AX 2012 R3 in 30 days. Sales, Purchase, Stocks, and Finance were the main areas of focus for Flexmind. Using their experience, Flexmind took 10 days to analyze all of the procedures and describe the main process to release a document that was approved swiftly within 24 hours. Flexmind created the core solution with the features requested by Oscaro on AX 2012 R3, and ran all the functionalities within 2 weeks.

For the future, Flexmind is working on a package called Flex’Cloud through which enterprises can create applications that use local as well as cloud resources, and communicate with Dynamics based services and third party systems. Internally, the company will improve its back office processes to absorb the potential growth. They are also engineering another package called Flex’U to manage tailored content that is being served to their consumers. Moreover, “our new website will assist in improving and attracting more audience. It will also provide the necessary exposure and visibility to sustain our goals,” affirms Carneiro.


Paris, France

Eduardo Carneiro, CEO and Co-Owner

Designs enterprise solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint,and Office 365