Flintfox International:Revenue Management through Advanced Pricing and Trade Promotions

CIO VendorMike Ridgway, CEO
Trade expenditure represents the second largest line item on the P&L statement. Real time transparency is essential to reduce confusion that can arise when parties pull data from multiple sources. Flintfox trade relationship and promotion management solutions break through the complexities associated with consumer and durable goods companies: managing trade spend, promotion pricing, rebates and accruals. Flintfox amalgamates these processes into an automated solution that can be fully integrated into an existing ERP platform or financial system.

Founded in 1986, Flintfox develops and markets software for the management of complex pricing, trade promotions and revenue related expenses. The current solution is the result of over 25 years of experience with 130 different companies in the trade promotion management space. The solution set is certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) and the company is an active participant in Microsoft’s Global ISV program, Presidents Club and Inner Circle for 2014. Flintfox sells through a global partner network, which has been instrumental in the company’s rapid growth over recent years.

For many manufacturers, managing TPM activity efficiently and cost effectively means the difference between being profitable or making a loss

“2014 has already been an incredible year for our company. Software sales have more than doubled and we’ve extended our product offering into both CRM and NAV platforms, both of which are being well received,” says Mike Ridgway, CEO, Flintfox .
“Our partnership with Microsoft through the Global ISV program has helped us expand the business rapidly into geographies difficult for us to access otherwise”.

The Flintfox trade promotional suite is a layered solution, fully i n t e g r a t e d with Microsoft Dynamics. The suite incorporates a broad range of modules across two complementary platforms. The Flintfox TPM for Dynamics AX layer allows users much more flexibility around pricing scenarios (including free goods) while providing an extensive range of rebate options to incentivise customer loyalty. It focuses on the executional components of the trade promotions lifecycle and is tightly integrated to the ERP layer. Perhaps most importantly, there is extensive auditability of all the promotional and rebate details for better monitoring and accountability. This functionality is available on both the sell side and buy side (e.g. vendor rebates).

“By combining its trade promotions unique expertise with Microsoft Dynamics AX for large enterprise customers in manufacturing and distribution markets, Flintfox serves as an example of the innovation and added value our partners are offering customers,” says Doug Kennedy, Vice President, Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Partners.

Flintfox TRM for Dynamics CRM functionality is focused around the sales and marketing roles in the organization and includes promotional planning, volume planning, and promotional performance reporting. The Embedded Microsoft CRM also provides access to all the CRM functionality available with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“We provide real value to our customers by giving them the planning and analytical tools to create and maintain the most effective promotional programs possible,” states Ridgway. “Our experience produces focused solutions that allow customers to continuously improve the quality, accuracy and speed of their revenue management processes. Trade spend is now a universal concern across many industries and Flint fox solutions have the necessities for any business looking for an end to end revenue management solution.”


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Mike Ridgway, CEO

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