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Rob Keve, CEO and Mike Bryzek, CTO
There is little doubt that advancements in technology have made the world a smaller place by connecting borders through a web of commerce and communication platforms. With greater access to international markets, modern retailers are actively pursuing opportunities to grow into untapped markets by expanding overseas. However, international e-commerce has its own set of diverse regional and local hurdles that consumers must navigate. Some of the obstacles deterring consumers from shopping cross border (a term used to describe consumers buying from merchants located in other countries) and preventing online merchants from accessing additional markets include high shipping costs, slow delivery and expensive returns. There are many other contributing factors to this problem including the lack of preferred local payment methods at checkout, unclear presentation of taxes and duties, the inability to accept local currency and not offering checkout in a language the shopper understands. These are a few of the barriers plaguing many retailers and brands when selling cross border and competing with local businesses in those markets. Flow Commerce has developed a state-of-the-art SaaS solution to address these pain points and disrupt the cross border e-commerce space. “Powered by AI and REST APIs, we have designed a solution that can address all these pain points and aids merchants in navigating the complexities of selling goods abroad, seamlessly,” adds Rob Keve, CEO of Flow.

Since its founding in 2019, Flow has been helping brands scale their brands internationally. Flow enables its clients to offer profound localized experiences by integrating local pricing, tax and duty capabilities along with access to more than 100 payment methods and dozens of shipping options. Several components of Flow’s comprehensive solution are available as standalone modules. For example, the pricing module converts prices into the local currency automatically, which means shoppers can avoid calculating with exchange rates at checkout. This module also enables merchants to control the display of duty and tax on their websites. Flow’s shipping module improves the entire shipping process by streamlining the effort of managing dozens of carriers in Flow’s console. Flow connects all of the dots - from picking up an order at the distribution center to delivering it to the customer’s door.
“We power the best end-to-end localized experiences for our clients and their customers in different regions. By leveraging Flow to apply best-in-class e-commerce best practices, our merchants can achieve greater commercial success in their cross-border efforts,” adds Keve.

Flow aided one of the most dynamic fashion brands, MZ Wallace, in increasing its international traffic with domestic shipments to over 180 markets

As Flow continues to innovate in the space, the company has taken on a breadth of use cases, clients, industries and markets. In one case, MVMT Watches, one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in the U.S., was facing the barriers to providing localized experiences to its international customer base. As a consequence, domestic sales outperformed international sales by a huge margin in large part because shoppers were calculating taxes and duties themselves. The delay in shipping orders only further added to the number of unsatisfied customers. To address these issues and improve customer satisfaction, MVMT joined hands with Flow to achieve impressive results. After a mere two and a half week implementation, MVMT launched regional checkouts in 200 countries from day one. In a second case, Flow aided one of the most dynamic fashion brands, MZ Wallace, in increasing its international traffic and providing the brand the ability to ship to over 180 markets.

Going forward, the firm intends to augment its presence internationally and continues to support online brands in their cross border efforts by providing localized shopping experiences. “With Flow, brands and retailers with global aspirations can reach consumers across the globe and can now deliver fully localized experiences to shoppers no matter where they are, something that was once impossible,” concludes Keve. “We are committed to continually developing our next-generation technology to accelerate global growth for all our clients.”


Hoboken, NJ

Rob Keve, CEO and Mike Bryzek, CTO

Flow is a comprehensive and flexible solution that simplifies the management of cross border e-commerce to power global growth for brands and retailers