FlowBiz: Making Workflow Management Affordable and Simple

Workflow is a way of ensuring all operators, both human and machine within an organization work in concert to reduce profit leakage. “It is not an event, but a process and a way of thinking that allows innovation and improvement to be an organizational culture,” says Terry Sinkinson, CEO at FlowBiz. The Queensland, Australia based company aims to forge long-lasting relationships with organizations, helping them maintain a clear focus on their business processes. “We enable organizations to stay agile so that their processes can become like living things—learning and adapting to their environments to evolve, survive and ultimately thrive,” he adds.

Solutions that Bring Workflow to the Fore

FlowBiz Workflow Connect and Workflow Automation are solutions that encapsulate years of workflow experience and business acumen into an easy to use human-centric, mobile and agile platform. “There are thousands of lines of code in our library of pre-built systems to manage everyday functions: CRM, DMS, Accounting, Product Management, ISO Compliance, and others within FlowBiz’s arsenal. But, our focus is not on what comes out-of-the-box, it's more on how it can intuitively adapt to the organization, bend, mold, and fit within existing processes, while creating innovative new ones,” explains Sinkinson.

Through Workflow Connect and Workflow Automation, FlowBiz has pioneered a two-tiered approach toward Workflow Management with a ‘one size does not fit all’ approach. Firstly, Workflow Automation helps avoid delays and get things right the first time. It reduces workplace complexity, improves data capture and distribution, and increases the control of work and more. Secondly, Workflow Connect ensures that management and control is maintained over all workflow procedures and support information, data and documentation. Fully integrated with the Automation suite, it helps integration of Governance, Risk, Compliance and other best practice workflow modules into the organizations’ business processes. “FlowBiz Workflow Connect and Workflow Automation is an integrated suite that ensures free data and information flow, within and between existing systems and processes. Thus, the business and all of its constituents have the right information at the right time and in the right place,” he adds.

FlowBiz also offers Workflow Designer, a desktop tool completely free for use. It goes beyond simple drawing of a process, procedure or even mind maps to help create rich interactive workflows, processes and S.O.P’s. Workflow Designer, which can be used as standalone tool features such as template shapes, automated placement of shapes, and links to other maps, documents or even business analysis information.

We enable organizations to stay agile in their market so that their processes can become like living things, learning and adapting to their environments to evolve, survive and ultimately thrive

“It is possibly the hidden gem and most valuable tool in our toolbox which we made available to anyone for free,” says Sinkinson. For the companies which use the tool, it can be the precursor to significant reduction of costs and exposure of opportunities in various forms. But when teamed with Workflow Connect and ultimately enveloped by various automation projects it will irrevocably alter the way companies do business.
Terry Sinkinson, CEO
“It sets up a fast path, moving many enterprises from SME thinking to Fortune 500 thinking and beyond,” he adds.

Automating Client’s Workflows

For over a decade, FlowBiz’s workflow approaches have successfully assisted organizations across verticals including Health (focusing on Wellness), Education and Training, Financial services, and Call Centre industries. For instance, FlowBiz streamlined workflows for its client Medi Finance Australia (MFA) a specialist in providing payment plans to a core health sector and beyond. FlowBiz transformed the client’s people- and paper- intensive service into a fully automated online secure system using the combination of FlowBiz’s workflow automation, data orchestration, document handling, and cloud technologies. “FlowBiz workflow automation has freed up resources, allowing MFA’s dedicated team of customer service officers to spend more time and attention on customers’ exceptional requirements and help desk calls,” says Sinkinson.

The Human Centric Approach to Stay Relevant in the Market

Inherently, humans always expect to survive, and hope to improve upon their current situation. Understanding this, FlowBiz is aware that customers will always have expectations, and it will always be beneficial to a business to exceed them. “Therefore, we are inextricably linked to improvement, to challenging the ways things are being done now, so that we go that extra mile to meet customer expectation,” remarks Sinkinson. “As long as customers have an expectation that things will get better, FlowBiz will be relevant to any business,” he adds.

Welcoming Competition

FlowBiz has been in the Workflow automation space for 15 years. “Our experience makes us welcome competition, in fact, we encourage it,” says Sinkinson. “While many competitors do “bolting on” or “re-tooling” to give the appearance that their platform is in some way “workflow” enabled or enhanced, FlowBiz has gone the other way. “Over a decade back we saw this day coming. So we built our platform from the ground up with a focus on workflow, business process engineering and continual improvement,” extols Sinkinson. Also, being a system built by and for workflow based architecture, the company’s product will do workflow automation natively, meaning it will be faster and more efficient than a “bolt-on” or “after-thought”.

Going forward, FlowBiz wants to include the trending paradigms like BI and Big Data in their workflow offerings to help businesses assess, address, and exploit workflow issues and opportunities. The company has already begun working on betas that couple its offerings with some emerging technologies such as wearable devices and proximity technologies. “Our growth path very strongly suggests that we will be seeking investment and strategic partners to take advantage of our position in the market. We also see FlowBiz as an incubator for other disruptive technologies we can couple with or merge into our offerings,” concludes Sinkinson.


Queensland, Australia

Terry Sinkinson, CEO

FlowBiz provides Workflow Management solutions to assist businesses in avoiding delays and getting things right first time so as to reduce profit leakage.